Thanks to LinkedIn, we discovered that Sony has hired at least one engineerGarrett Fredley, to work in a new team destined for the preservation of video gamesthus seeking to ensure that the oldest titles released for their consoles do not enjoy a better life.

“Today is my first day as a Senior Construction Engineer at PlayStation, working as one of their first recruits for the newly created Preservation Team! Preserving games was my first professional passion, so I I’m excited to get back to those roots. Let’s make sure our industry’s history isn’t forgotten!” he said on his personal Twitter account.

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It is well known that, historically, Sony hasn’t done a good job of preserving games. Besides the fact that the original PS3 models could run many PS1 and PS2 games, backwards compatibility seemed like an afterthought until the PS5, which is compatible with almost the majority of PlayStation 4 games, while the new PlayStation Plus subscription service will bring back many old PlayStation 1/2/3 and PSP titles. Among all these platforms, the company promises give access to 340 old games priced at $17.99 per month.

While most of these games will be downloadable and playable on the PlaStation 5 via emulation, Sony has confirmed that PlayStation 3 games can only be streamed. This information comes months after the company announced the closure of digital stores for the PlayStation 3, PSP and PlayStation Vita.

via: VGC