ZADAK announced the launch of its new high-end SSD, the TWSG4San NVMe SSD with a PCI-Express 4.0 interface that allows it to reach sequential read speeds of up to 7400 MB/s while writing reaches the 7000 MB/s. In addition, it comes with two heatsinks: conventional aluminum generously dimensioned with channels through which system air flows, or with an ultra-thin heatsink with graphene think about laptops.

The company promises that its cooling solutions for your ZADAK TWSG4S are able to reduce the temperature 35% and 15% respectively.


Either cooling solution will fit inside the PS5, but laptops will only allow the graphene heatsink to be installed. PC gamers will quickly see the benefits of this SSD, but it also perfectly matches the technical requirements and physical dimensions of Sony’s PS5, so console gamers will love it too. One of the most unique features of this product is its design.

The advanced specifications of the TWSG4S are powered by 3D NAND Flash technology under the hood. This technology allows a large amount of storage to fit in a compact form factor. It also has a series of data protection and correction algorithms that maintain data integrity and stability. In addition to gaming PCs and PS5s, this powerful SSD is also ideal for desktops or laptops looking for a major upgrade or storage expansion.