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PC shipments to drop 50% mid-year, 10% in June

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020, the surge in demand for computers and home entertainment has driven record PC shipments over the past decade. However, with the recent war between Russia and Ukraine, general inflation and economic instability due to COVID, the situation has changed as we approach 2022. Recent statistics released by Mercury Research show that there had a fall of the desktop computer market, up to 30%. She is serious largest quarterly decline in history and, apparently, in the second quarter, this trend will not change.

According to Digitimes, ASUS co-CEO Xu Xian Yue predicts that computer deliveries desktop and laptop will decrease by 10% sequentially in the second quarter 2022, While shipments of motherboards and graphics cards will fall between 10% and 15%. It’s clear that ASUS, one of the most dominant players in the PC industry, is more than aware that PC and OEM component sales will also be down in the next quarter.

ASUS says laptop and desktop shipments will drop 10%, graphics cards and motherboards up to 15%

ASUS laptop failure

This drop in sales figure projected by ASUS is not too bad, if we compare it with other sources like Mercury Research; research and analysis company that predicted a 30% decline in PC shipments for the entire industry. Furthermore, in terms of sales in the PC sector, HAS HIS It outperforms most of its competitors, being above average. Indeed, during the first quarter of 2022, approximately 66% of Asus’ revenue comes from the sale of desktops and laptopswhile the accessories for pc they represented the 33% and the smartphone market only 1% remaining.

In conclusion, ASUS said that there are currently no shortages in most components, although it confirms that there are supply issues with power management ICs (PMICs), and that new restrictions imposed by COVID-19 are likely to result in higher shipping costs and delivery delays. .

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