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Paypal positions itself in favor of the EU against the monopoly of Apple Pay

PayPalthe main competitor of Apple Pay, played a very important role in the decision of the European Union (EU) regarding accuse Apple of using antitrust measures on its payment platform, according to Bloomberg.

PayPal was one of many companies that filed complaints about how it Apple Blocks Third-Party Apps From Accessing iPhone NFC Capabilitieswhich led the European Commission to issue a statement of indictment against Apple.

“The European Commission has informed Apple of its preliminary view that it has abused its dominant position in payment gateways on iOS devices by restricting access to standard technology used for in-store contactless mobile payments (“ Near-Field Communication (NFC)” or “tap and go”), Apple restricts competition in the mobile wallet market under iOS”.

The European Commission believes that Apple is unfairly limiting access to the NFC chip, thus preventing PayPal, Venmo, banks and other payment services from offering functions equivalent to Apple Paywhich limits payment options for iPhone users.

In fact, since no third-party app on the iPhone can access NFC, Apple Pay remains the only means of payment available for touch and pay. In its defense, Apple claims that this restriction was intended to protect user privacy and security.

Apple Pay

On the other hand, PayPal claims to have a payment option similar to Apple Pay (currently available for Android) and plan to implement it on iOS. However, he has a serious problem, and that is that need access to use the NFC chipif so, it is impossible to transfer your payment gateway to the millions of Apple devices.

In this situation, Apple admits it has plans to allow third-party applications to access the NFC chip. To do this, they will be releasing a new feature called “Tap to pay on iPhone“, which will allow compatible iPhones to accept payments via Apple Pay and contactless credit and debit cards. The only question is that it is not known when he will make such a move.

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