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Patriot Memory Announces Viper Venom DDR5 @ 6200 MHz Memories

patriot memory revealed that its gaming division already has its first DDR5 memory kits, and these are the Viper Venom DDR5who how could it be otherwise, are dressed in a variant with RGB lighting under the name of Viper Venom RGB. These memories will be available in 16GB/32GB capacity configurations reaching speeds of up to 6200MHz with latencies CL40-40-40-76 @ 1.35v.

Beyond the top-of-the-range model, this family is based on 5200MHz with latencies CL36-36-36-68 @ 1.2v, passing through the 5600MHz choose with latencies CL36-36-36-68 or CL40-40-40-76 @ 1.25v, and ending with the 6000MHz with latencies CL40-40-40-76 @ 1.25v. Like the rest of products of the same nature, a refrigeration system could not be missing to reduce temperatures.

These slower models aren’t launching now, but will arrive in the coming months due to memory chip shortage issues.

Viper Venom DDR5

“Our Viper Gaming fans have been waiting for quality DDR5 memory for a long time. Viper Venom DDR5 is the first DDR5 DRAM we ship for hardware enthusiasts, hardcore gamers, and modders addicted to high performance and system stability. “Viper’s engineering team has gone to great lengths to ensure excellent compatibility and increased reliability on the latest Intel platforms,” ​​said Roger Shinmoto, Vice President of Viper Gaming.

“Our first version of Venom DDR5 will feature a higher frequency version at 6200MHz. We hope enthusiasts or overclockers can experience the physical power of Viper Venom DDR5. However, due to a worldwide shortage of memory chips, we We have decided to release mainstream frequency models like 5200/5600/6000 MHz in the next few months.”

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