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outpaces US and EU in chip spend

Technology advances, and with it two fundamental factors must be satisfied: to innovate and to produce enough, thus requiring new equipment. Although this type of expenditure increased by approximately one 20% per yearin 2021 suffered an increase of 42%. From now on, 2022 will mark the historic maximum of $109 billion invested in manufacturing equipment. Taiwan topped the list, with an increase of 52% compared to last year, will spend $34 billion.

According to data from the electronics industry association, SEMIglobal spending on manufacturing equipment is expected to increase by 20% to reach all-time high, $109 trillion. Although 20% was expected as year-over-year spending growth, 2021 was a year that doubled that figure, with a 42% increase.

This is the first time that the threshold of 100 billion dollars has been exceeded.

SEMI Equipment Expenditure 2019 2022

In just three years, spending on semiconductor manufacturing equipment has doubled, exceeding speculators’ expectations. The COVID-19[feminine] It probably had a big impact, as we see in this remarkable increase from 2020 to 2021, but there are other reasons.

And that’s what they demand increments constants of production, because more and more people and customers are interested. In particular, the semiconductor industry must relentlessly accelerate its production capacity. This is reflected in the World Fab Forecast report published by SEMI, where an increase in 8% of the aptitude in 2022compared to 7% in 2021.

A mere 1% might not be much, but 8% is something that hasn’t been recorded since. 2010when they passed 16 million platelets monthly. This production represents almost half of the current one, since it is planned 29 million platelets monthly in 2023. more … than 85% of the cost of equipment in 2022 will come from increases in capacity out of a total of 158 factories and production lines. It is therefore expected to go down to 83% next year, reducing the number to 129 factories.

With regard to the sector of foundrythis will represent the largest part of the cost of equipment in 2022 and 2023, with a 53% of the total price. Follow like this, 33% the industry of memoriesboth of which should increase their capacity the most.

Taiwan and TSMC top spending with $34 billion

Taiwan TSMC Spend Leader 2022

As for the ranking by country, the biggest expense will be Taiwanwhere the unstoppable and innovative TSMC. This country will rise up to 52% year after year, your investment translates into $34 billion. Behind him will follow Koreawith an increase of only seven%until reaching $25.5 billion.

Then we continue with the Asian giant, Chinawhich surprisingly will go down in a 14% your investment in equipment, which translates into $17 billion. Now we turn to Europe Yes Middle Eastwhere a record expenditure of $9.3 billion. It’s smaller than Asian countries, yes, but it represents a 176% increase year over year.

“This historic milestone puts an exclamation mark on the industry’s current unprecedented growth spurt,” said Ajit Manocha, President and CEO of SEMI.

Finally, in Americadisbursement should be equal, $9.3 billionthus increasing by 13% and remaining in fourth place in global manufacturing equipment spending.

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