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our M2 is 26 times faster than a Core i5

Apple’s presentation left too many lights and shadows. What was thought to be an event where those with the bitten apple took their limb for a walk as happened with their M1 SoC turned out to be a partial upgrade in some key areas… And nothing else. But nothing escapes the eye of others and Apple’s marketing is really big, to the point that they generate absurd and unrealistic expectations, like saying that the M2 is 26 times faster than a Core i5.

You don’t need to be an engineer to see that the M2 is not a panacea, It’s not what Apple wants to sell and of course it’s not a chip to rave about or play triple A titles as has been said. The problem with trying to fool people is that the effect backfires and the expectations we were talking about end up being knives in the company’s side.

Apple and the False Representation of Data for an Intel Core i5… From the 8 Series


Slides have come and gone these days and as such many have been really interesting and honestly seemingly unrealistic. In the absence of empirical data, we can only reluctantly look at what Apple offers, but if we look at one of the most striking slides, we will see something that already distrusts all exposed data.

What we can see is a comparison between your new MacBook Air with the M2 SoC and a MacBook Air with a Core i5 under its belt. The problem, logically, comes when we look and remember that this i5 is a processor dual heart operating at a frequency of 1.6GHz and it weighs already, because old ghosts arrive and all of a sudden… Do you remember what was said MacBook Pro 2019 incorporates a Core i5-8210YAnd of course, the data doesn’t look so spectacular anymore.

Apple’s attempted deception with its M2

Apple M2 Specifications

The comparison exercised by those of Cupertino is so unequal that it makes no sense. Not so much for the fact that they compare 4+4 hearts compared to 2 Cores with HT, but because the closest possible comparison hasn’t even been made, which would be with the last generation MacBook Air which incorporates a Core i5-1030G7which already includes 4 cores and 8 threads at 3.5 GHz with Iris Plus graphics.

There, the distance that Apple offers from 15 times more performance in video editing and 26 times faster in image scaling remains in borage water, on it with a chip that consumes only 9 watt And it’s two generations old.

We are also not going to enter in this article into the controversy that is generated with the gaming section of your iGPU with 10 hearts because that makes for another separate article that we might end up doing, but that’s very much in line with what we just saw, where Apple’s attempt to jump on the gaming bandwagon is as misleading as it gets. assert that his The M2 SoC is 26 times faster than a Core i5which implies that it comes from 12 series core. The question always remains the same, what need does Apple have for these deceptive tricks being the company that it is?

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