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NZXT Announces N7 Z690 and N5 Z690 Base Seats

NZXT announced the launch of two motherboards for the Intel LGA1700 socket, and these are the NZXT N7 Z690 and the NZXT N5 Z690And yes, they come at a time when anyone who wants to build an Intel PC is already looking at Raptor Lake and the next generation of motherboards.

The differences to highlight between the two is that the N7 Z690 offers a VRM of 12+1 power stages (vs 8+1), curiously it can shelter three M.2 storage drives (vs 4x) and which has the characteristic “heat shieldwhich hides the entire motherboard PCB. Otherwise they are identical, supporting DDR5 5000 MHz RAM, offering 3x PCI-Express 4.0 x16 lanes, 2x PCIe x4, 4x SATA III 6.0 Gbps ports, or a WiFi 6E + Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connectivity.

The price of these motherboards is $239.99 (N5) and $299.99 (N7), which can be presented high compared to the rest of the products available on the market, but the visual aspect is paid for.

NZXT N7 Z690 and NZXT N5 Z690
NZXT N7 Z690 in black and white, and the NZXT N5 Z690

Upgrade your gear with our N5 and N7 series motherboards, now compatible with Intel’s latest chipset: the Z690. This long-awaited update enables compatibility with Intel’s new 12th Gen Alder Lake processors. (Go do your homework on the 12th Gen Intel stuff, they’re great for gaming, streaming, editing, and multitasking.) They feature a hybrid architecture that combines large, high-performance cores with smaller cores and high efficiency for smooth multitasking gameplay. In other words: run a stream, chat on discord, and run on ultra.

Motherboards are the heart of a modern gaming PC. He is responsible for starting the construction process, connecting the most important parts before placing them in the case. Think of it as a brain, connecting all the integral parts of the building, supplying energy to each part. It is the piece that turns the sum into something greater than the parts. These Z690 N5 and N7 motherboards aim to provide our community with the options needed to realize and operate that dream. The N7 stands out for its functionality and aesthetics, while the N5 retains much of that functionality, minus the metal cover. Below we explain in more detail the differences between these two motherboards and some of their features.

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