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NVIDIA RTX 3060 desktop laptop appears in China

We have gone through a long period of shortage of graphics cards mainly due to the use of these in cryptocurrency mining. So for more than a year it’s been hard to buy a GPU amd That is Nvidia and if we found stocks, they were at exorbitant prices. Therefore, in China had the idea of sale Laptop GPU for use in a desktop computerthus giving rise to this hybrid of RTX 3060 Mobile in PCIe format.

When the availability to purchase computer graphics cards was low, OEM The Chinese have decided to sell laptop graphics as desktop graphics. These had the same external design as a typical GPU, with its Case, Fans and of course the connection PCIe x16 so that you can connect it to your computer. However, inside, as we imagined, they used the graphics chip intended for laptops. Thus, we have a mix between minor Powerful Yes increased coolingwhich should give us interesting results.

Of course also Ethereum mining block disappearedand that was the real focus of GPUs now looking to sell to gamers.

The NVIDIA RTX 3060 Mobile for PC draws 80W and outperforms the laptop with 115W

NVIDIA RTX 3060 Mobile China Vs Laptop

This Chinese NVIDIA RTX 3060 packs the GeForce RTX 3060 laptop chip, albeit with a few differences such as a fewer transistors or the Resizable BAR disabled. Therefore, we only have a graphics card 6 GB by heart GDDR6the half of memory offered by RTX-3060 desk.

This has 3840 CUDA cores and will go to a base frequency of 900MHz and a frequency increase of 1425MHz. These are somewhat higher core counts compared to the official desktop version (3584 hearts has the RTX 3060), but much lower in frequency, where the PC’s GPU hits the 1320/1777MHz.

RTX 3060 Mobile China outperforms mainstream laptops

Respect to consumptionthat of the Chinese RTX 3060 will be limited to only 80W, thus consuming much less. And it is that the GPU of the laptop reaches the 115W and the RTX 3060 desktop up to 170W. However, make no mistake, because according to the review by bull lab jay, a Chinese Youtuber, the results are impressive by consumption. In reality, Chinese RTX 3060 outperforms RTX 3060 laptop and it comes close to the desktop RTX 3060. We are talking about the only difference between the two is practically the refrigeration system improved compared to a laptop.

Being better cooled, it is more efficient, but there are no official drivers

RTX 3060 Laptop RTX 3060 Laptop Performance

This graphics card appreciates the improvement in cooling, since we see its frequency increase between 100 and 300 MHz, depending on the event. This allows the RTX 3060 laptop to easily beat in various games, where you can even see differences of a 20-30% FPSwith a drop in consumption. This makes it another version more efficient than his rival and that without having done any type of under pressure or overclock.

However, there is one big problem, and that is that there is no official support Drivers for this type of graph. This shouldn’t surprise us, because even though we see some tests here, it’s been months since we learned of the existence of this type of GPU. We thus have first opinion public, at least Youtube, posted 5 days ago. So what did you do to make it work? So use some NVIDIA Custom Drivers based on version 512.15.

NVIDIA RTX 3060 Mobile China

We are talking about some drivers that were released in March 2022, just when we learned that there was a Chinese company that was dedicated to manufacturing RTX 3060 Mobile in desktop format. Therefore, we understand that they are working at the moment, but being old, the gaming performance the current is inconsistent or inferior to which he should. It wasn’t a problem back then, since the purpose of the GPU was used for mining, but if we now talk about using it in games, obviously we’ll have a problem because it’s missing the optimizations and support for all titles released after March.

If you want to see the full review and benchmarks of the Chinese Youtuber

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