Although NVIDIA has a more than dominant position in the graphics card market against AMD, it is possible that all that glitters is not gold. Its stock market actions have been seen many times as pure speculation, its distance from AMD has narrowed in the face of its RDNA 2 vs Ampere architectures and now those of the red team will present their new RX 6×50 XT. Did they bring with him an important maker from GPUs from Nvidia toward amd? Or is it just a coincidence?

Take the little silver hat and plant it on your head because from now on everything is pure speculation with a bad base where tomorrow at this time we can get out of doubt. And it is that as we well know it is precisely tomorrow that AMD will present its range “Refresh“Among the already veteran RX 6000, the RX 6×50 XT in three versions that seem to complicate NVIDIA’s life at a bit higher cost.

Has NVIDIA lost another GPU maker?


Well, it wouldn’t be news today as such if it wasn’t because GALAX (or GALAXY depending on what part of the world we’re in) turned everything upside down with an announcement on its Facebook where it was very clear that tomorrow May 10, 2022 have something to announce under the hashtag #ONLY FOR PERFORMANCE (and others). Chance?

If you paint some white hair or your ideas are directly visible, you will remember that a manufacturer like XFX was once a distributor of NVIDIA GPUs, where its models were quite famous for their quality and price. These were sent directly to AMD due to green imposed policies that did not suit the company and now it looks like GALAX could do the same.

The launch will be of a graphics card based on the Hall of Fame Family, which on the other hand represents the best of the house in terms of performance. This leaves in the air a perfectly reasonable doubt, will they present a GALAX RX 6950 XT HOF? Do they continue with NVIDIA or do they make the jump as AMD GPU maker?

We don’t know, but if RDNA3 and these RX 6×50 XT They’re as fast as we pointed out just a few days ago, so we’re talking about a market that could turn around with an AMD on the throne, where, as expected, every company wants to fish given the river troubled.

VIA: Cowcotland