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NVIDIA partners reveal they no longer want to buy Ampere or Turing GPUs

According to the latest industry reports, some of the partners of Nvidia they are very angry with the company because they have full warehouses both graphics cards Turing (RTX 2000 Series) as Ampere (RTX 3000 Series), to the point that they asked NVIDIA to help them get rid of graphics cards before launching its new GPUs based on the architecture Ada Lovelace (RTX 4000 series).

According to the sources, some of the partners are so angry with the current situation, to the point of reduce your graphics card orders Ada Lovelacebecause they’re willing to give up a lot of next-gen graphics if NVIDIA doesn’t help them in the current situation, which means those partners would bet more by AMD facing the new generation of GPUs.

Inno3D GeForce RTX 3090 Ti X3 OC - NVIDIA GPU
Inno3D GeForce RTX 3090 Ti X3 OC

“Earlier this month, we told NVIDIA to go fly a kite. We don’t want to buy any more GPUs from Ampere or Turing until we clear out our existing warehouses. Right now, we’re even willing to risk Lovelace’s allowance if they threaten us,” said one of Moore’s Law is Dead partners.

“NVIDIA underestimated how desperate we were, but not anymore. They’re finally working with us on solutions to liquidate as much stock as possible before Lovelace’s release in October. By the way, the vast majority of mining-oriented stock has not even reached the West. We need to get rid of these new cards NOW.”

“Well, here (ASIA), the miners are definitely selling off most of their stocks. I expect these charts to start flooding the West in a few weeks,” a second source revealed.

It must be remembered that over the past week NVIDIA has started to move to encourage sales, such as the addition four gift boxes with the purchase of its premium graphics, not to mention the leak that revealed a lowering the price of its GPUs by up to 20%.

The information only confirms what we already knew, which is that all GPU stock is stagnating, to the point that if not resolved soon, NVIDIA could be happy to delay the launch of its GeForce RX 4000 graphics until until the market stabilizes. . That doesn’t help either the second-hand market add more pressure on store sales.

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