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Nvidia officially announces its liquid-cooled Nvidia A100 PCIe GPUs

In the early hours of today, Nvidia announced to Computex its Nvidia A100 PCIe liquid cooledwhich, as its name suggests, is a water-cooled Nvidia A100 in PCI-Express format.

Thanks to this, not only temperatures are 28% lowerbut compared to the reference, passive, air-cooled design through the racks themselves, it helps to reduce the energy used by up to 30% maintaining the same performance, to which is added that take up 66% less space. This means that for every air-cooled Nvidia A100 GPU, two water-cooled GPUs could fit in the same space, making it much more optimal.

Nvidia A100 PCIe liquid cooled

“This is the first liquid-cooled GPU to be introduced in our lab, and it’s very exciting for us as our customers are hungry for sustainable ways to harness AI,” says Zac Smith.

Data center operators aim to eliminate cooling systems that evaporate millions of gallons of water per year to cool the air inside data centers. Liquid cooling promises systems that recycle small amounts of fluids in closed systems focused on key hotspots.

“We will turn a waste into an asset,” he said.

In fact, we plan to update the A100 PCIe with a version next year that uses the H100 graphics chip based on the Nvidia Hopper architecture. We plan to support liquid cooling on our high performance data center GPUs and Nvidia HGX platforms in the near future.

For rapid adoption, today’s liquid-cooled GPUs deliver the same performance with less power. In the future, we hope that these cards will offer the possibility of obtaining more performance for the same power, which users say they want.

“Measuring consumption alone is irrelevant, the feedback you get from the impact of carbon emissions is where we need to go,” Smith says.

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