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NVIDIA may showcase its RTX 40 GPUs at Computex 2022

Well, AMD’s bombshell with Lisa Su at the helm is going to get a response from NVIDIA, or so it seems, because the statement the company released on its website reflects what many of us expected , the presentation of the RTX 40. But at the same time, there are certain shadows on this fact, because it would not be Jensen Huang who would lead the event in the IT 2022so will there be RTX40 the 23rd of this month?

As they say: piano, piano. What NVIDIA revealed has a key phrase that can be interpreted in many ways, but it’s the details that make it really interesting and where the possible clues lie.

The NVIDIA RTX 40 presented at COMPUTEX 2022?


This could be a feint this could be a layer of distraction to try and tarnish what AMD is going to portray as such all very speculative so to separate the wheat from the chaff we go with what we know to be real .

As we see, the announcement states that the company will showcase how AI drives enterprise data centers and the latest products as well as technologies for gamers and creators of content. Interpretable to say the least.

What we know is that it will be one more time Jeff Fisher the person in charge of the ceremonies and if we look back he already presented the RTX 3090 Ti and not Huang. Conspiracy theories aside, are we considering a smoke bomb to divert attention from AMD to NVIDIA?

We don’t know, the standard tells us that in an event of this caliber and as a presentation of architecture and novelties accompanied by new products, it should traditionally be the CEO of the company who does it. It is true, as pointed out in other directions, that the note does not speak of New products as such, which leaves everything up in the air. NVIDIA may have the answer to FSR 2.0 for all your GPUs without Tensor Cores?

On the 23rd of this month we will find out, so be prepared for what is to come, because if not by some it will be by others, but news will surely be presented in this IT 2022Hopefully it’s the RTX 40 and RDNA 3.


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