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NVIDIA GTX 1630 release date, boycott ARC GPUs?

The story of GTX-1630 going to be remembered for something specifically not very good to say. And it is that NVIDIA has delayed its launch up to twice and logically, since it is manufactured in a lithographic process with volume, mature and it is a very small chip, this is not understood. The explanation may bring a hidden reason that has not been commented on at the moment, where in any case it is related to the main subject of this article: the launch date of the said GTX 1630.

Why would NVIDIA delay the release of an irrelevant GPU to market and risk being overwhelmed and nearly wiped off the map by second-hand GPUs flooding the internet? Well, the answer is simple and Machiavellian in a way, since it seems that everything responds to a boycott of Intel and its GPU ARC Alchemist.

Third (and last?) release date of the GTX 1630

NVIDIA-GTX-1630 version

What we have in hand here is a GPU based on the Turing architecture which, as we’ve seen in previous chapters of this story, was undoubtedly a late May launch. It didn’t happen there was quite a bit of controversy as soon after Intel did the same with their desktop GPUs and after two more moves today we can say this seems to be the definitive .

The date will be next June 28, which is Tuesday of next week and as such there is hardly any wiggle room for what we will say later. The source of this news seems to lie in the Chinese forums, where someone inside the factories of colored gave notice. Therefore, it is not something official, but it suggests that there is some “run run” with this graphics card which will be the lowest range for NVIDIA desktops. Why launch it then if it already has two generations?

NVIDIA and the boycott of Intel with its ARC graphics cards

Intel ARC NVIDIA Resizable Bar

As if it were a perro marcando territorio, el movimiento de NVIDIA con esta GTX 1630 y sus dos retrasos no está vinculado a la necessidad de lanzar una gama todavía más baja que la GTX 1650, para nada, responde a intento de boicot en las ventas of the ARC A370which has not been very competitive against the named GTX 1650 and RX 6400. It seems to be a notch below those and thus neither AMD nor NVIDIA have a chance to compete so far.

The GTX 1630 caters to this market niche, so NVIDIA is trying to leave no loopholes for Intel where they can take sales and people start to see the benefits of its architecture. As happened with the RTX 20 SUPER line, NVIDIA will now do the same with Intel instead of AMD.

Otherwise, how do you explain that a GPU with a chip TU117 used to nausea with only 512 shaders, 64 bit Yes 4 GB of VRAM and one PDT of only 75 watts be a headache to get into a market that, 3 months ago, would have sold like hotcakes for anyone who wants the bare minimum for their PC. This would also leave something in suspense, since if Nvidia launches it now it would be because Intel intends to do the same, finally, for its ARCs. Maybe the release date of the latter is closer than we think.

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