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NVIDIA Grace will bring to life the ARM supercomputer located in Barcelona

Today Spain in the media, but instead of the typical news about operators and Internet in rural areas, this time we have NVIDIA. And it is that, the company has signed a contract of 160 million dollars to collaborate with the system Mare Nostrum 5. For this, superchips will be used Thanks NVIDIAbased on the ARM architecture with configurations of 144 hearts Yes 396 MB of hidden on this supercomputer located at Barcelona.

Earlier this year, NVIDIA introduced its Grace Superchip CPUan ARM-based chip that integrates 144 Neoverse cores and with 396 MB of cache when paired with two NVIDIA Grace processors. This aimed to compete with the HPC (High-Performance Computing) sector dominated by processors based on the architecture x86. From now on, these superchips will be part of the MareNostrum 5 system located at the National Center for Intensive Computing in Barcelona (BSC).

The MareNostrum 5 supercomputer is a real monster co-funded by the EuroHPC JU initiative

MareNostrum 5 BSC Barcelona NVIDIA

Barely three days ago, the initiative EuroHPC JU showed a press release announcing that the new pre-exascale supercomputer, the MareNostrum 5, would arrive in Spain. It had a total cost of €151.41 millionco-funded by EuroHPC JU, a consortium composed of Spain, Portugal Yes Turkey. In Spain, more specifically, there is the participation of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, the Government of Catalonia and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

With this huge investment, the MareNostrum 5 is expected to deliver an average of 205 PETAFLOPS and up to 314 PETAFLOPS Computing power CR 64. These would be divided into 270 petaflops from 4,500 cards NVIDIA H100 Yes 44 petaflops of 5,730 dual-CPU NVIDIA modules Grace. Regarding its storage, it must 200 petabytes for access workloads and up to 400 petabytes used for storage cold.

Thus, the MareNostrum 5 is expected to use a subsystem based on NAND to host the 200 petabytes and have a quick access. On the other hand, the cold storage node will use hard disk topologies, thus being more profitable. In addition, this last storage node will be used as active storage, to save critical data which are not normally accessible.

NVIDIA Grace CPU chip based on ARM will be part of the supercomputer located in Barcelona

NVIDIA Grace ARM Superchip Barcelona Spain

Now let’s move on to what interests us most, the NVIDIA hardware that will bring this supercomputer to life. These will be the NVIDIA Grace superchips with a dual-chip design thus offering 144 Neoverse cores. As we said before, it will be an architecture RMA which comes to beat its HPC competitors based on x86.

Therefore, it will have a total of 396 MB of cache and memory LPDDR5X ECCoffering a bandwidth of up to 1 TB/s. The peculiarity is that they will be combined with the powerful graphics accelerators NVIDIA H100 and the 80 billion transistors that everyone has. Additionally, they offer 3.2 TB/s bandwidth and 80 GB by heart HBM3.

All this would be connected by NVLink C2C interface fourth generation with a bandwidth of 900 GB/s. Consequently, the Mare Nostrum 5 should transmit more than 18 exaflops in Artificial Intelligence and become the supercomputer of AI more efficient of the European Union.

In addition, the supercomputer will use the software-defined network, Nvidia Quantum-2 InfiniBand, to stabilize BlueField data processing units. This will allow all parties to communicate with very low latencies and higher throughput than 400 GB/s.

Finally, the MareNostrum 5 will be entirely powered by renewable energies and moreover, his waste heat will be reused, which is common in this type of computer. The Mare Nostrum 5 will be focused on medical investigation, chemical simulations, development of new drugs or climatology.

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