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NVIDIA GeForce NOW is coming to Samsung TVs with ‘Gaming Hub’

With each new generation, we see graphics cardswe observe how their prices They are no longer what they were. Therefore, the game diffusion in the cloud from servers with GPU Nvidiawearing GeForce NOW, has become an excellent alternative. Even now it supports samsung tvsthanks to Samsung gaming hub.

With the launch of Samsung gaming hub this week, the cloud streaming service, GeForce NOW, will be available natively on select Samsung TVs. Thus, you can forget your console, install yourself in the sofaconnect a I send and ready, you can now enjoy the experience in TV. However, the number of compatible games and TVs, at least today, is very low.

For now, only 2022 TV models are compatible with Samsung Gaming Hub

Samsung Gaming Hub TV 2022 NVIDIA GeForce NOW

Here we have the first of the drawbacks, and that is that we will not be able to access, at the moment, the service if we do not have the latest models. And it is that, at its launch, a single dozen Samsung TVs released in 2022 will be compatible. Fortunately, Samsung has announced that it will update the list of compatible models with its new service dedicated to gaming.

Compatible TVs with Samsung Gaming Hub:

  • Samsung TheFrame (2022)
  • Samsung-BU8500
  • Samsung QS95B
  • Samsung Q80B
  • Samsung Q70B
  • Samsung Q60B
  • Samsung QN900B
  • Samsung QN800B
  • Samsung QN700B
  • Samsung QN95B
  • Samsung QN90B
  • Samsung QN85B

Regarding the compatible game controllers with Samsung Gaming Hub:

  • microsoft: Xbox Series X controllers/S, Xbox OneS, Xbox 360Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive
  • sony: buttons Double meaning Yes double shock 4
  • Google: Stadia Controller
  • Amazon: Luna Controller
  • Joytron: CYVOX DX Controller
  • Logitech: Joysticks F710, F510 Yes F310
  • PowerA: MOGA XP5-X Plus Controller
  • NVIDIA: SHIELD Controller

There are 32 games available on GeForce NOW for Samsung TVs

Samsung GeForce NOW NASCAR 21 Gaming Hub

When it comes to games, as we previously announced, Samsung Gaming Hub will start with a small number of just 32 tracks available. That’s 6 more games from the latest GeForce NOW update and 7 games new additions during this week:

  • Alaloth – Champions of the Four Kingdoms (Steam)
  • Disgaea 6 complete (Steam Store and Epic Games)
  • Card Shark (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • KartKraft (Steam)
  • Hotline Miami (Steam)
  • NASCAR 21: Ignition (Steam)

In addition, NVIDIA pulls itself together and announces 13 matches more soon July to GeForce NOW:

  • Matchpoint – Tennis Championships (Steam, 07/07/22)
  • Sword and Fairy Inn 2 (Steam, 07/08/22)
  • looper (Steam, 07/13/22)
  • Guardian of the Stones: King Aurelius (Steam, 07/14/22)
  • Endling – Extinction is Eternal (Steam and Epic Games Store, 7/19/22)
  • Grimstar: Welcome to the Savage Planet (Steam, 07/19/22)
  • Soft transit (Steam, 7/28/22)
  • Panzer Arena: Prologue (Steam, 07/20/22)
  • Pie from Hell (Steam, 7/21/22)
  • turbo lazy (Steam, 7/27/22)
  • reforging weapon (Steam)
  • Dungeon Defenders: Going Rogue (Steam)
  • rFactor 2 (Steam)

Finally, let’s mention that NVIDIA released the Software Experience Upgrade update this week. 9.1 for SHIELD TV. This enables the ability to switch to game mode automatically on TVs compatible with ALLM. Additionally, it includes a night mode which improves the streaming experience at night, reducing noise. Also includes support for screens 4KHDR, 7.1 sound surround, relay via Twitter and compatibility with buttons Like those of Logitech.

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