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NVIDIA cuts the price of its GeForce RTX 30 GPUs by up to 20%

New day, and new news around GPU price dropalthough in this case everything focuses on Nvidiaand it is that the latest industry leaks indicate that the company has reduced the recommended price of its GPUs to no less than up to 20 percent. This implies that overnight, the GeForce RTX 3090Ti will change from costing 1,999 to $1,499. Unfortunately, for now, this price reduction would only affect the RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 series.

In this way, the GeForce RTX-3090 would go from 1,499 to $1,299; the force RTX-3080Ti from 1,199 to $1,099; and now the GeForce RTX 3080 (12 GB) It has an official recommended price, something it didn’t have when it launched, $799.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Founders Edition

The information also reveals that these prices will be the official prices. next July 17although just a few days ago in the American store NewEgg you could already find the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Founders Edition for $1,599so its price will drop another $100 next week, which reveals that buying a GPU today is a “bad investment“, because the prices drop practically every week.

NVIDIA lowers prices, but could not imply an increase in sales

Just yesterday, we announced that the company has also launched a campaign in which he offered games with its more powerful GPUs, and today we know the price drop. But of course, if the official prices drop in this noticeable way, this directly affects the second-hand marketwhere current GPUs will have to see another noticeable price drop.

In this way, the high-end models are even more affordable, so many users may decide to choose buy a used high-end GPU, rather than a new, less powerful GPU. Not to mention that many other users will prefer to wait for the prices to continue to drop, because at the end of the year they will suffer a great impact due to the launch of a new generation of GPUs.

Obviously, the only ones who could “win” something in the short term will be the users who by necessity need to buy a GPUsince they will be able to take advantage of this new price reduction on brand new models, or resort to even more affordable second-hand models.

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