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NVIDIA could launch a GPU with 800W consumption RTX 40 TITAN?

If the RTX 40s are going to be nonsense in terms of consumption, what NVIDIA could prepare to finish off an AMD that seems to be going to disappoint goes even further. And it is that, although Navi 31 does not seem to be up to the highest NVIDIA option (RTX 4090), the greens have a weapon in the chamber that would be the supposed RTX 40 TITANa beast that would consume at least no less than 800 watts.

And it is that the samples that NVIDIA has in terms of GPUs go far beyond what it will be supposed to present in just over a month and a half. The AD102 seems to be able to be stretched much more than previously believed, to the point that what will come to us is a version shortened enough not to trigger consumption.

NVIDIA RTX 40 TITAN, the graphics card that can change everything

The current paradigm seems crazy to us: 450 watts for a single-core GPU shows that we are at the technological limit with current lithographic processes, but the new ones will already have come out of the box.

It looks like what seemed like hand-to-hand combat won’t be. NVIDIA could win the game and by a bigger margin than in this generation in its war with the RTX 40 against the RX 7000 and proof is that it is not going to put all the meat on the grill. In April, we announced that SKU AD102 had a fully unlocked version that reached the 900 watt TGP and that could include anything less than 48 GB of GDDR6X at 24 Gbpsso this board should be powered with two connectors from 16 pins substandard PCIe 5.0.

The rumors circulating even spoke of three connectors, since the frequency would be the highest ever recorded in a series NVIDIA GPU and to compensate for the partial deficit that two connectors would have compared to three, a real nonsense. Well, now another rumor is ringing again with a hypothetical RTX 40 TITAN.

Why would NVIDIA release such a GPU?


In theory, that’s not likely, mainly because it’s a useless sample that has no market beyond breaking records. Also, there is no possible heatsink or AIO system to dissipate so much heat keeping temperatures at bay.

Therefore, the rumor centers around a potential 800 watts, so we have some speculation ahead:

  • RTX 40 TITAN -> 900 watts.
  • RTX4090Ti -> 800 watts.
  • RTX-4090 -> 450 watts or 600 watts on custom models.
  • RTX4080 -> 400 watts.
  • RTX4070 -> 300 or 350 watts in custom models.
  • RTX4060 -> 200 watts or 250 watts on custom models.

Fact or fiction, close or not to these speculations that we are launching, the truth is that they seem barely believable figures in almost all cases given the progress that there is in dissipation systems for GPUs, where the most advanced right now integrates Vapor chamber technology with heat pipes and aluminum fins with Laser cutas good as high static pressure fans new invoice.

Is it enough for these TGPs? No, at least in the higher power options, so either they come with a triple AIO or a water block in the custom models or there’s no way to dissipate that much heat even with several triple / quadruple radiators of 60mm, regardless of the surface of the die. Place your bets.

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