Nvidia announced that graphics card shortages are a thing of the past, and it’s under the tagline “Restocked and recharged“, which could be translated as “Restocked and recharged“The company announces the availability of one of its most modern graphics cards on the market, although the stock issue was really out of date several months ago, the real issue today being that prices have not yet returned to normal.

Stock Nvidia GeForce RTX 30

“GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards are now available for reservation. Get the ultimate gaming experience with immersive Ray Tracing, significant AI performance boost with Nvidia DLSS, game-winning responsiveness with Nvidia Reflex, and video powered by voice and AI via Nvidia Broadcast. Check back here from time to time for exciting new options.”

If we look at the prices, forget it, we are still a little far from the recommended retail prices, so we will have to continue to wait a few more months for the waters to return to their cause. We will consider this the first time in history that Nvidia has to officially announce that all of its graphics products can now be purchased all over the world, since the company has repeated the same campaign in the rest of the markets where it operates, so now you know, there are as many Nvidia GPUs as you want to buyalthough yes, not at the price you would like to do it.