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NVIDIA and AMD will launch their GPUs at the same time… Winter is coming

The cold winter is coming, we don’t see it, we don’t feel it, even in the middle of a heat wave we don’t feel it, but it is here, it will come and with it one of the most epic battles we have ever had never seen. Or at least that’s what we expect on paper, where NVIDIA and AMD will make a output “at the same time” and a few weeks apart RTX 40 and RX 7000 graphics cards. A new leak sheds light on this case…

The launch of these RTX 40 and RX 7000 series will happen almost in unison, almost like a JRR Tolkien story where two factions will face each other head on and with all their power to discern who is the king of the game for at least two year. .

AMD puts Navi 3X in pre-production this month

Like any current product, AMD must meet a series of steps with its manufacturing partners and apparently it will be this month that the new high-end chips will enter the pre-production phase, also called tape. This phase has many internals at the same time, since it is necessary to verify the integrity of the chips, to bin and select them in order to rank them, after which they will start to be segmented according to markets and then and only then, will they start to achieve BIA.

These will start receiving chip orders sometime in August, so they won’t have much time for internal testing and production of the models, which we’ve already seen was a huge mistake by NVIDIA. to reduce delays.

We cannot forget the controversy with the trainers Post Cap vs. MLCC and drivers, where black screens began to be an epidemic that quickly forced manufacturers and NVIDIA itself to get to work fixing the mess. The question is, are the partners ready to pull off a double whammy at the same time?

NVIDIA vs AMD, war since before the launch of the RTX 40 and RX 7000


The reality is that NVIDIA faces very similar timings, so if all goes well, both companies will release their latest GPUs and architectures with them at some point in the future. october or november. But then, can AIBs afford the testing and build times for as many models as AMD and NVIDIA will give them on different chips?

Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case, mainly because the factories of many of them are in China and they are still closed, although many have them in Taiwan, which gives a halo of hope of that side. Now is the time to find out if AMD will launch with Navi 31 or with Navi 33 to the pool, because NVIDIA is going all out with its RTX 4090, where AMD may be planning to change the game towards the mid-range or the high-end mid-range.

In all cases, Winter is coming and as such it will be hot, not because of global warming, but because of the thermonuclear war that the two powers of the game will start in just 4 months.

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