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now you can build your own processor from home

The Google Hardware Toolchains team is preparing to launch a new website for developers, where they can create and manufacture their chip designs open-source free some. This will be possible thanks to the association of Google and Skywater Technologieswith flawless; make it easier for developers tools needed to speed up your design process. It’s Google Open Silicon.

It all started in November 2020when SkyWater Technologies announced that it would partner with Google to be able to produce chips using the SKY 130, a node of 130nm. After that, the Google Hardware team made sure that the silicon fabrication was open and accessible for all developers. This way you have access to a KDP open source and manufacturable, totally changing the course of the industry.

Google Open Silicon: tools to create open source integrated circuits

Google 130nm IC Tools

And it is that through this innovative idea, the designers will be free at the start of their projects, without fear of breaking agreements privacy and without restriction of use. Besides, the to research of silicon would be possible, with the possibility copy or improve the designs between developers. Also, the tools AED (Electronic Design Automation), used in industry for design and verify circuitswill also be open-sourcehelping in the manufacturing process.

Since the start of the project, a community of over 3,000 members, where hardware and software designers can contribute to this open source project. It is an extremely interesting project, since as we know, the Moore’s Law come to its end, forcing us to take alternative routes when manufacturing new devices. In fact, a few weeks ago we heard about the experiment at the University of Harvard who managed to feed a CPU for a year using algae Marine.

And it’s that, whenever we need it greater quantity Internet-connected devices (IoT), but we cannot afford Cost and consumption that comes from a shortage chip world with some few manufacturers the same. This is where this initiative stands out, and is that we would not have to buy or wait for known brand chips to arrive, being able to make them “homemade”. Although it is true that the knot is 130nm and for many it is considered obsolete technologykeep in mind that not all devices require huge power and consumption.

Efabless and Google allow to create open source chips

Efabless 130nm Open Source Design Google Open Silicon

We have countless devices within the IoT group such as sensors temperature monitors, toys, clocks, appliances in factories or home automation. In these cases, a mature knot of 130 nm like this one, allows to create prototypes fully viable, with a Cost a lot minor. Therefore, we cannot forget flawless, a platform used as an Open MPW launcher that has made it possible to manufacture 250 open source silicon in the world. enough Hitgiven the fact that the last shuttle from March 2022reached a total of 78 projects open source featured in 19 countries.

Each project has a fixed area of 2.92mm x 3.52mm Yes 38 I/O pins reinforced, accompanied by a test to validate its design and its behavior before submitting it to manufacture. As examples of designs were seen:

  • generators SRAM Yes ReRAM.
  • accelerators operations cryptographic.
  • designs SoCsfrom pits RISC-V to SoCs 64 bit Linux-compatible.

If you are interested in the process or just curious about this project, here you can create your own circuit with Google, which offers you both articles and tutorials where you can learn as well as the necessary tools. Also remember that the next shuttle will be available until June 8, deadline to upload created designs. Will Google Open Silicon succeed? Well, it looks like it’s had a good reception so far.

via: Google Open Source

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