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Now you can build a retro laptop with the new Raspberry Pi CM4

In the world of computing, not everything is made up of great gaming desktops or next-gen laptops. And it is that not everyone has the same needs and requirements and therefore devices such as the Raspberry Pi at very low cost have appeared. Today it is possible to expand your motherboards, with components such as SO-DIMM RAMscreen and keyboard resembling an 80s retro laptop, using Clockwork Pi DevTerm which is updated up to Raspberry Pi CM4.

In 2011, the Raspberry Pi Foundation developed a single board computer (SBC), i.e. a board that has pretty much everything you need on a board. reduced dimensions. It was the raspberry piein its initial version, which cost between 25 and $35 just making it very interesting. This progressed to the current Raspberry Pi 4, as well as other variants such as the Big brother and the Peakeven cheaper and smaller.

The Clockwork kit called DevTerm will be compatible with the Raspberry Pi CM4

As can be seen, the model of the news does not correspond to the aforementioned ones, but rather it will be a Raspberry Pi 4 Compute Module (CM4). It basically looks like a normal Raspberry Pi 4 but with several improvements and a smaller size. Regarding its specifications, we find a SoC BCM 2711with a processor ARM Cortex-A72 a 1.5GHz Yes 4 hearts. It will be able to support OpenGL ES 3.x and hardware decoding up to 4k Yes 60Hz In the format H.265 (HEVC).

Regarding the RAM, you have options that range from 1 GB to 8 GB LPDDR4 a 3200MHz. Your storage will be in the format eMMC Flash with up 32 GB and has an interface PCIe 2.0, 2x USB 2.0, 2x HDMI, Bluetooth 5.0 and optional WLAN. It is therefore the option chosen to be able to assemble the Clockwork kit called DevTerm.

This company has reportedly updated its kit, building an adapter that fits into a Raspberry CM4 in the slot where before you couldn’t CM3. Indeed, unlike the Raspberry CM3 which came in a form factor SO-DIMMthe CM4 does not share the same design and it was necessary to create a adapter. With this change, the new version of the calculation module will be able to take advantage of a series of interesting additions that we will now comment on.

DevTerm looks like an 80s laptop like the Tandy TRS-80 Model 100

Tandy TRS-80 Model 100 Raspberry Pi

With such an adapter, the two rows of connectors at the base of the calculation module 4 can be manipulated to communicate with a host via a connector. This is how its creator, Clockwork Pi achieved compatibility with the latest model of Raspberry, with the exception of the 4S which is not planned at the moment. So with DevTerm of Clockwork Pi, it is possible to make a retro computer like the Tandy TRS-80with a Raspberry CM4 inside.

The DevTerm is a portable PC of A5 sizewhich includes a widescreen 6.8 inchesa keyboard QWERTY complete, a mini trackball and a thermal printer of 58mm. All seasoned with a good quality white chassis with the company logo, with 2 hands on the sides, a button on off, card reader and holes for accessories. Regarding the keyboard, it will also have the Y, X, B, A buttons of Xbox and a thick crosspiece like a DIRECTIONAL CROSS.

Inside things get interesting, and that’s you’re allowed to select mods SoCs RMA That is RISC-V depending on the desired power. Also, with the Raspberry CM4, you get much better specs than its predecessor, like the jump from 4 to 8 GB of RAM. Unfortunately, no details on the price That is availablityalthough we assume that it will soon be seen that there are already real photos.

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