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no original controllers for xbox

If you’re thinking of upgrading to a second controller on your Xbox Series X/S or just need to replace yours, hurry to buy one as Microsoft confirmed what was only a rumor there two days away: there is no more available stock of its I’m sending wireless controller in a large part of Europe and in the rest of the world it is rare.

Finally a press release in the face of so many rumors in forums, stores and leakers, but the worst thing is that what was said on all these platforms is confirmed, because those of Redmond have had to admit that the shortage of their products is not not limited to their consoles, but also its main and best-selling order.

Deal puts Microsoft in check again: Xbox wireless controller out of stock

Xbox Series X Wireless Controller

Luckily it’s not something that affects Spain, at least for the moment, because there is stock at the moment, but beware, because many stores like Amazon have it because it is exported from other countries like the UK. And that’s a big part of the controversy, as some stores are looking to outside suppliers to source units, reducing availability in exporting countries.

For instance, UK, Netherlands, France, Denmark and Italy They signal stock restrictions, and here in Spain they are brought by retailers from outside our country in the best of cases. In these countries, in addition to not having stock as a rule, when such a controller exists and can be purchased, it faces impressive prices, usually more than double what it actually costs.

Because of this, on sales platforms such as Amazon with external sellers, they take stock from anywhere in the world, especially from the United States, because this problem does not exist there and the prices have been rising for weeks, already hovering around more than $160 change in some cases, pure speculation.

SONY has a similar issue with the DualSense

Sony Dual Sense PlayStation 5 (1)

But let’s not think that it only affects Microsoft, but SONY also has these problems in Europe. It looks like the imports weren’t coming from the US and Asia, as once again Amazon is playing with their stores around the world and again offering this order to Spain from the UK.

But history repeats itself with other stores like Game or Alternate, where the desperation to get their hands on units drives them to look outside this continent. On the other hand, in the United States or in Japan, they are not concerned by the lack of stock of this highly sought-after device. He talks about the supply chain and logistics issues after China’s shutdown, but it remains unexplained how this only affects Europe and not much of the rest of the world.

In any case, Microsoft assures that they are working on the problem and that the channel should be back to normal in a few months, while SONY has not made any statement, but if we look back, the Japanese are still determined on this that will keep console delivery promises, something unachievable today, so one cannot be realistic with a simple peripheral in these terms. The path can be very similar to Microsoft’s in this regard, in the meantime and while there’s stock, wherever it comes from, buy a controller if you need it or plan to need it, because if we are running out of stock finally the wait time is more than 6 months apparently.

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