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No Man’s Sky Outlaws will let you be the bad guy in space

hello hames keep posting updates for No Man’s Skyand the last is called outlaw, which will allow you to be the villain of the story. To make our misdeeds bigger and easier to achieve, we can even recruit our squad of pilots to be the best smuggler in the galaxy, as well as gain access to new solar ships.

The Outlaws of No Man's Sky

Become an interstellar rebel with Update 3.85, OUTLAWS! Experience outlaw systems, the ability to recruit your own squadron of pilots, enhanced space combat, an impressive solar ship and much more.

solar boats they are a new class of high-tech starships, with a full and diverse range of procedurally generated variations. These versatile and efficient long-haul travelers come with their own unique technologies and can be found throughout the universe.

Across the galaxy, star systems have fallen under the control of outlaws. The authority of the system surrendered to the rebel forces, leaving the space unguarded and ripe for hacking.

In addition to not having Sentinel Interceptors, Rogue Systems have their own technology dealers, their own contraband market, their own unique mission agents, and much more…

The risks and rewards of space combat have been rebalanced to increase challenge, fluidity, and speed.

The destruction effects of ships, asteroids, freighters, and space cargo have been overhauled, making shooting down ships more satisfying than ever.

Look up from planetary surfaces to see occasional fleets of frigates soaring in the skies.

Additionally, the warp and engine effects of all Frigates and Freighters have been overhauled to give them more style and impact.

No Man’s Sky now features physics simulation of fabrics, including highly realistic fabrics such as hoods and capes. Visit a skin modifier to try out the new fully customizable layer designs.

The new spaceship auto-tracking option enables automatic target lock in space combat. This mode automatically locks and tracks enemy ships, while allowing precision adjustments based on player input.

Here are some of the improvements in this update. You can find them all on the official website.

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