Today we know that Russian society BFS will resort to the use of locally produced processors in order to continue manufacturing ATMs. Due to the veto imposed by the rest of the world after the start of its war with Ukraine, the company no longer has AMD, ARM or Intel processors to bring its ATMs to life, and that is why they will have use of processors Elbrusin addition to new software developed internally, in order to continue supplying the country with ATMs.

Russian ATM from BFS with Elbrus processor

The Russian company which plans to mass-produce its own ATMs has revealed that these will start arriving between February and March 2023 in a batch of around 1,500 units.

“Its technical level will meet market needs and will not lose to foreign products,” the company said.

Russian CPU Elbrus-4C

They will be the first to use a Russian Elbrus processor, which should offer a maximum configuration of 8 hearts at a frequency of 1.30 GHz backed by 4 MB of level 2 (L2) cache, 16 MB of L3 cache, and all this at a manufacturing process of 28nm with a floating point performance of 250 GLOPSwhich would be equivalent to being slower than a processor AMD Phenom II X4 965 4-core processor launched in August 2009. If we were looking for something newer, it would offer a fifth part of the performance of a Intel Core i7-7700K (January 2017).

Obviously, an ATM does not need a lot of power to operate, so the company will easily solve the penalties imposed by the global market.

via: MyDrivers