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New heatsink for your SSD

EK Water Blocks knows that future PCI-Express 5.0 SSDs will be even hotter than the current PCIe 4.0, and that’s why it announced the launch of its passive heatsinks EK-Quantum Convection M.2 NVMewhich are in aluminium high quality and with a striking design seasoned with a wide variety of colors: gold, black, chrome and silver.

“As SSDs do not intend to get slower, but faster, the need for cooling solutions for SSDs will only increase, and EK has prepared a new heatsink, the EK-Quantum Convection M .2 NVMe, as part of the Quantum product line,” the company says.

“The redesign not only brought cosmetic changes, but also a very significant functional upgrade. As M.2 SSDs get faster, they also increase in capacity and use a double-sided layout. And that’s where that the EK -Quantum Convection M. 2 NVMe takes the lead.”

EKWB EK-Quantum Convection M.2 NVMe SSD Heatsink

As stated by the company, it is a double-sided SSD heatsink, that is to say, it cools both the upper side and the lower side of the PCB, thus making it possible to cool the SSDs which arrive with a configuration of memory chips on either side of the PCB. Obviously, these will be large capacity SSDs, so classic capacity drives will even see their temperature drop a little more. Otherwise designed for conventional SSDs (2280)

The EK-Quantum Convection for sale at the price of 32,44 €except for the gold/gold color model, which costs €36.51.

“It’s easy to install, low profile, easily reusable, and aesthetically non-intrusive. The cooler uses a clever design where flipping the backplate realigns the mounting holes on the backplate with another set of screw holes on the heatsink. This will move the back plate away from the main body of the heatsink, allowing for more clearance and installation on dual-sided SSDs.”

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