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New free update that expands the game

hello games announced a new update for No Man’s Skywho was named Endurance. This update brings the game to version 3.94 add deeper and more varied cargo base construction, including exterior platforms and catwalks; enhanced nebulae and deep space storms; fleets of organic frigates; much more.

Although we summarize some of the improvements below, the summary is small compared to what the game includes, so you can see all the information on the official site. After the summary, the trailer showing the news.

No Man's Sky Endurance

In No Man’s Sky Endurance, freighter bases have been completely revamped, with a huge range of new rooms and themed rooms that allow players to quickly assemble a visually diverse and distinctive home in the stars. These pre-decorated rooms can be further customized, or players can use variations of empty rooms and take full control of decorating.

freighters now are full of specialized members of crew walking around your base. Engineers, biologists, and technicians show their thoughts as they patrol the base, and your hired frigate captains and squadron pilots visit your capital ship between their deep-space excursions.

Build large cargo farms with specialized grow rooms. Plant and grow rows of crops, then harvest all nearby crops with a single interaction.

cross space through a black hole is more cinematic than ever, with stunning new visuals.

Freighter Basics can now extend beyond the hullwith observation decks and walkways that offer a direct view of the vastness of space.

Players can now find organic frigates while exploring deep space. Build your own fleet of these majestic beings, but prepare for anomalous results when you deploy them in fleet missions.

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