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MSI will offer fast SSD mounting on its motherboards for Ryzen 7000

M: YES revealed some of the new things it will incorporate taking advantage of the launch of a new platform such as AM5 for AMD Ryzen 7000, and it is to offer a mount and unmount design for NVMe SSD storage units no need to use the classic screwdriver next to the screw you need to tighten to hold the drive securely to the logic board.

MSI SSD without mounting

The installation of the M.2 is very simple, basically it is used a hitch as a fastening method instead of a screw. Well, really the screw is already there, and next to it is a plastic piece which, when turned, will place a leg on the SSD holding it in place without lifting it.

However, the installation of the M.2 cooling system is a little more complicated, enough that even in the video where MSI showed its installation, it had another problem placing it. Apparently it has a part where you have to press the heatsink and we assume it will open a hole in the bottom part of the heatsink, in this hole the screw is inserted and when you release the button the mechanism stays attached to the screw . To remove the heat sink, press down again and pull up.

MSI SSD without mounting

It goes without saying that this assembly method will also make its debut at Intel, taking advantage of the launch of new motherboards for processors. Intel Raptor Lake. Although it’s not that it’s something revolutionary and life-changing, because it will basically save us, maybe, 1 minute longonce in a lifetime, and if we talk about high-end motherboards, which are carried by the famous “heat shields“Throughout the PCB these are removed with a screwdriver, so after that removing a screw or the like won’t change much either. Interestingly, this example is shown by MSI itself.

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