M: YES showed in a video what the curious dual-chip design that integrates AMD motherboards with the chipset looks like X670E and X670and it should be remembered that although the AMD B650 chipset features a single chip design called promontory 21 (PROM21), the AMD X670E and AMD X670 are essentially two AMD B660 chips / promontoryallowing you to quickly and easily duplicate system connectivity.

The motherboard shown was the MSI Pro X670-P WiFiwhich shows how the two chips are fixed on one side in a vertical position.

MSI Pro X670-P Wi-Fi Motherboard Chips

This design also allows the heat generated to be distributed, so this new generation of motherboards no longer has to resort to an active cooling system (fan). That’s why all the motherboards we’ve seen so far passively cooled chips. Which implies a reduction in the price and noise of the system, although of course, by adding the DDR5 DIMM slots and the PCI-Express 5.0 interface, the motherboards will actually be more expensive than a current generation with a simple fan .

Promontory chips are still manufactured by ASMedia and would have a TDP of 7Wand being the same chip for all three possible platforms, it has also been confirmed that AMD B660 motherboards will also be overclockable.