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Mr. Toledo and 24 other young people were arrested for defrauding Amazon of half a million euros

Amazon he has one Return policy fantastic, since they allowed us to return the purchased product and receive the money without too many problems. This, however, can be heaven for those who take advantage of the system, as happened with a group of young people in Spain. A total of 25 young peopleincluding current Mr. Toledo 2022were arrested for defrauding Amazon half a million euros using this system.

Although it may be slightly more expensive, many users decide to buy from Amazon solely because of the trust it offers. your return policybecause in many cases there is no problem making a return, and even the “faulty” item that you want to return, they ask you to keep it and not return it, in addition to sending you a other equal product or refund the money to you, and of course this opens the doors for a specific number of users to enjoy and enjoy it. This is the clear example of a group of young Spaniards who took advantage of it, obtaining a large sum of money after sell high-end electronicsalthough they weren’t very smart.

Although yesterday we talked about a similar news where users who bought a GPU on Amazon received sand or a low-end GPUthese scammers returned the empty package, which made it even easier to detect this group of friends who were only dedicated to the scam.

Mr. Toledo 2022 and 24 other young people were scammed using 500 Amazon customer accounts

Mister Toledo 2022 Stopped Amazon Mobile Scam

Yes, we have someone relevant among the Spanish crooks and that’s it, the current International Mr. Toledo 2022Also known as carlos, was one of the leaders of the operation. This 25-year-old young man worked as consultant forks graduate in law and business administration, in his own words. Apparently, he also enjoyed this type of business, sharing this hobby with his twin brother. Jorge and more than twenty other people.

Thus, these 25 young people managed to swindle more than half a million euros from Amazon by mobile phone purchase. Their way of doing it was to buy expensive high-end smartphones and when they arrived they claimed they were defective and requested a refund. Here they implemented their strategy, which was basically not to send these phones back to Amazon. To do this, they returned the box completely of the product empty and just added the return ticket stuck.

Regarding smartphones, they kept them and put them on sale in several business pagesmaking huge profits. To achieve this, they used a total 500 Amazon customer accounts where they made purchases using more than 400 virtual cardsAs revealed the police. However, Mr. Toledo and the rest of the youths were the subject of a long investigation to be finally arrested.

The investigation began in January 2021 and ended a month ago, these detainees being

Police arrest 25 youngsters for Amazon refund scam

Apparently, several agents of Coslada-San Fernando and Hortaleza they realized that a group of young people were sending empty envelopes and boxes that must have contained the product to be returned. Thus, in January 2021, this investigation began, which finally ended last month, resulting in the arrest of 25 young people between 20 and 35 years old. The operation ended with the recording of four addresses where they found many electronic appliances Yes species. Moreover, they discovered Documentation related to the crimes committed.

Apparently the network of scammers was led by six people, in addition to the aforementioned Mister Toledo. For them, it was a foolproof plan, but they were definitely discovered, albeit quite late. Thus, they succeeded in showing that it is possible take advantage of the return policy from Amazon, creating a multitude of accounts and using hundreds of different virtual cards. This news will leave its mark on the industry and Amazon may include stricter product return measures in the future.

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