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Motherboard without visible connectors or ports

In the footsteps of Gigabytewe meet today MSI Project Zeroand it seems the next fad in the gaming industry is that your PC can’t see no power connection, no ports and no cables, and that is we are basically looking at a modified MSI MEG Unify Z690 motherboard where all ports and connections have been fixed to the back of the PCB. This makes it possible to offer a more streamlined design, completely hidden by aluminum heatsinks, while the connectors, and all the wiring associated with them (power cables, chassis cables, fans, SATA cables, etc.) remain hidden at the rear of the chassis.

The only visible ports are those of the DDR5 RAM, which will be hidden when installing the modules themselves, in addition to the PCI slots, where at least one of them will be hidden under the installation of a GPUs.

MSI Project Zero vs. MSI MEG Unify Z690
MSI Project Zero vs. MSI MEG Unify Z690

This also has another disadvantage, and it will be that many chassis may be incompatible, because they were not designed thinking of leaving free spaces so that these connectors do not collide and make it impossible to install the motherboard. Obviously visually this will be a big step forward for those who are worried about seeing a cable, but of course this involves new manufacturing processes, and you will have to pay. For now, in the short term, it is not expected that a product of this type, at least a motherboard, will be mass-produced for sale. For now these are just concepts, like trial balloons.

MSI Project Zero

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