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Modder manages to play Half-Life 2 using Portal 1 on Nintendo Switch

Oh, half lifethis saga of shooter type video games which popularized Valve as a developer in the late 90s. However, the greatest success and reputation came from the hand of Half-Life 2, released in 2004, which is considered one of the best games in history. It is now possible to play Half Life 2 in the Nintendo to changeand all thanks to a modder who used Portal 1 as the basis to make it work.

There’s only Two dayscame to the Nintendo console, Portal: Companion Collectiona pack that includes us portal 1 Yes Gate 2 to play on the Switch. Well, in such a short time since its launch, a modder named OatsDomehas already managed to get Half-Life 2 working on the Portal 1 game in this collection.

According to modder OatmealDome, Half-Life 2 runs on Switch but with bugs and crashes

Half Life 2 Mod Switch

And it’s that you can’t ask for pears from the elm, let alone in such a short time as in this case. Although the game is running successfully, it has a large number of errors. For example, there is Maps where it is impossible to progress, animations of NPC erroneous, incorrect global cameras or a backup system it does not work. But hey, I know run and workas you can see in this video from Youtube:

Although if we are very critical we can see how there are stops and frame drops, although the fps seem to be stable most of the time. Plus it makes it work audio, camera, menus, shooting, basically everything the original game level had. And if that wasn’t enough, Half-Life 2 on Switch will 60fpssomething that isn’t difficult being a 2004 game. But you have to keep in mind that this is a mod that carries the game, done in just a few days, so that’s quite an achievement .

Mod creator says much of the work has already been done by Valve and NVIDIA

Nintendo Switch Half-Life 2 Valve NVIDIA

The reason it works so well, in the words of OatmealDome, is because “portal 1 is basically a fashion glorified from Half-Life 2“. In fact, he claims that there is a large part of the assets own Half-Life 2 in Portal: Companion Collection. Therefore, most of his work was just copying what wasn’t there, like the Maps and the Music. Moreover, he had to write coded shaped patch to avoid the crash, but haven’t managed to fix it yet.

However, he considers that the port was not complicated, since most of the work was done by NVIDIA and Valve, which left a large number of assets in the game. Regarding performance, most of the time that goes to 60 FPS, but there is falls and judgments, produced by the shader compiling and the shadows. In addition, the loading times are extremely long, as can be seen in the video.

As a huge fan of the series, OatmealDome said they would buy a Half-Life collection on Nintendo Switch if they were encouraged to release it. He thinks it’s quite possible, given the low requirements of the game.

“Even the PC of potato can easily run those games, so I’m pretty sure the switch shouldn’t have any problem in a well done portsays OatmealDome. “I also had Half Life 2: Episode 2 work, but the game is extremely unstable and loves to crash. Most maps don’t load.”

“It took longer than anything considering I was working on a laptop with a Hard disk Actually slowSaid OatmealDome.

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