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MIPS claims its RISC-V eVocore P8700 cores deliver best-in-class performance

MIPS technology unveiled its latest high-performance core, the eVocore P8700that as you may have read in the title, this company is no longer working on its MIPS CPU instruction set architecture, but has moved to designs based on the architecture RISC-Vand the reason is obvious, it’s an architecture that promises a lot, and that’s why with its new eVocore P8700 and I8500 cores they promise to deliver “top-notch performance and scalability” for him “high-performance segment of the processor market“.

MIPS eVocore P8700

The company says that with its new core MIPS eVocore P8700 can offer a “superscalar performance“, and it is not for less, and it is that you can create up to 64 clusters that add a total of 512 cores with 1024 processing threadssince each cluster can be configured from 1 to 8 cores, like the eVocore I8500. Unfortunately, these processors won’t be released until the fourth quarter of this year (Q4 2022), so we’ll still have to wait for the company to come up with benchmarks that really reveal we’re up against a tough x86 architecture competitor. .

“We will see continued adoption of RISC-V in areas such as automotive as enterprises see the opportunities for differentiation that an open software development environment can provide,” said Rich Wawrzyniak, Principal ASIC and SoC Analyst. at Semico Research. “With MIPS’ long history as a provider of RISC architectures and cores, and its strong presence in automotive, networking, and other high-performance applications, the company’s move to RISC-V makes sense for the next stage of its growth.”

“With this transition to RISC-V, MIPS is targeting the high-end segment of the processor market,” said MIPS CEO Desi Banatao. “Leveraging our differentiation in real-time capabilities, hardware virtualization, functional safety, and security technologies, we are able to deliver compelling products for automotive, edge computing, networking and switching, as well as large-scale computing.”

“We are delighted that MIPS, one of the pioneers of RISC CPU architectures, is turning to RISC-V,” said Calista Redmond, CEO of RISC-V International. “MIPS has a long history of use in high-end computing, an area where RISC-V is beginning to gain popularity. MIPS brings to the RISC-V community a legacy of CPU innovation and new RISC-V compatible processors designed for flexibility and scalability.”

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