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Minecraft bans NFTs and the Blockchain: Mojang does not want to use them

The NFTor non-fungible token, have generated huge sums of money and been the subject of many controversial. However, now their sales are plummeting and they are no longer generating the profits they once had. Still, that hasn’t stopped video game companies like Square-Enixtake an interest in them. That wouldn’t be the case Minecraftsince its developers are against the use of the NFT and the block chain.

Mojang Studios, the creators of Minecraft, decided they wanted nothing to do with NFTs and Blockchain technology in their video game. This stance against tokens clashes with the interest shown by other video game companies in favor of NFTs. However, Mojang is firm in its decision and for this it has published an update of its policy on this subject.

Minecraft bans NFTs to ensure a safe and inclusive experience

Minecraft NFT Skins

Apparently, the arguments used by Mojang to defend its position against NFTs in Minecraft are based on creating a gaming experience fair for all your players. By this we mean that by not including NFTs or Blockchain technology, players do not lose access to exclusive things. And it is that if NFTs were allowed in Minecraft we would see skins, items, mods or market items such as unique digital collectibles.

Indeed, they are based on a system of unique tokens and non transferable, which allows that if you buy one, it is yours alone. Moreover, it is exclusive, because by acquiring it you ensure that only you have it in the whole world, something similar to collecting an original work of art. Here, therefore, we find a sector of the market where you could obtain a unique skin or even mods that only you can use as a buyer.

Thus, the creators of Minecraft assure that NFTs and Blockchain technology would make their video game promote digital collection based on shortage and the exclusion. It’s the exact opposite of their ideology, which is to create an inclusive experience where all players play together in on an equal footing. In addition, NFTs are not so safe as believed and thefts and scams have been experienced on platforms that work with these. Thus, by avoiding its use, Mojang kills two birds with one stone and avoids falling into the controversy that NFTs would have caused in Minecraft.

Mojang thinks NFTs are unreliable and sold at inflated prices

Minecraft NFT Dangerous Inflated Prices

The company continues its position against this system, ensuring that many NFTs are sold at prices “artificially or fraudulently inflated“. With this, they mainly target companies that design NFTs related to the world of Minecraft, such as skin packs. Here, Mojang is concerned about the unreliability of NFTs. Third-party NFTsin addition to being sold at too high prices.

However, while his stance might be very strong on banning NFTs and Blockchain in Minecraft, the latter doesn’t seem entirely out of the question. And that’s it, Mojang Studios assures that it will pay attention to the blockchain technology to determine if this allows for a safer experience or improves inclusivity in your game. Therefore, while he has no plans to implement Blockchain at this time, he does not rule out his future use.

“The speculative pricing and investment mindset around NFTs distracts attention from the game and encourages speculation, which we believe is incompatible with the long-term joy and success of our players.”

“To ensure Minecraft players have a safe and inclusive experience, blockchain technologies are not permitted to be integrated into our Minecraft client and server applications, or used to create NFTs associated with any Minecraft game content, including worlds. , skins, personal items or other mods,” Mojang said in the statement.

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