internal sources of microsoft say the company is developing a program to help brands place banner ads in free Xbox games. Businesses could buy ad inventory to secure space on virtual billboards. This way it looks like Microsoft is creating a “private marketto limit ads to brands without interrupting the gaming experience.

“The program will allow advertisers to reach consumers through in-game advertisements that do not interrupt the gaming experience.”

Microsoft/Xbox games

Microsoft is apparently still looking for ad tech companies to build the catalog and help with placement. However, the debut might not be long in coming, as the show could be launched between July and September. Microsoft would neither confirm nor deny the plans. But in a statement to Business Insider, a spokesperson said Microsoft is constantly striving to “improve the experience“developers and players, but who had none”nothing more to share“.

The show could irritate gamers worried about ads for real-world products appearing in fictional universes. However, this focus on free titles could prove crucial. This could help developers make money from free games without relying too heavily on paid content like skins, season passes, or loot boxes. That, in turn, could persuade creators to make Xbox-centric games rather than making for PlayStation or Switch. Without going any further, advertising, albeit in a more aggressive way, helped to normalize most mobile games are free as well as profitable to develop.