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Microsoft presents new peripherals designed to cover all kinds of needs thanks to assisted technology

As technology advances, more and more companies come up with ways to tailor new products to the needs of any user and time. As happened with the online raffle to give an example ramdon. This way, everyone could have an equal chance when using them. This proposal was also welcomed by Microsoft. So, with assisted technology, it introduces new models of custom mice and other similar accessories.

Apart from focusing on individual needs, these peripherals can be used on any device running the Windows operating system.

The launch of new accessories reinforces Microsoft’s position on inclusion

Modern Microsoft mice were designed with an emphasis on technological inclusion. Therefore, they are personified and inclusive in their entirety. From this point of view, the combination of various accessories is possible, such as Hubs, Joysticks, among others. All this according to the needs of each user so that he can use them as he wishes and on any Windows PC.

Microsoft Accessibility Devices
Microsoft Accessibility Devices

Microsoft Adaptive Mouse

At this year’s edition of the Ability Summit event, Microsoft showcased its new set of products for users who use assistive technology. In general, the set of accessories resembles the mouse. But, in addition to being portable and light, they are more inclusive.

This is thanks to the fact that they can be formed by means of other parts. In this way, it manages to produce a functional user experience for people with disabilities, for example. In his Web page you can find the details, as they are already available.

Microsoft Adaptive Hub

The company also introduced Adaptive Hub. An included peripheral center that allows, for example, to connect mice, buttons or another accessory that you want to link to the computer. In addition, each of them can be manually configured and their operation modified.

Additionally, the hub works simultaneously with standard 3.5mm assistive technology switches. Apart from that, it features three different profiles for handling with different devices.

Microsoft Adaptive Buttons

Likewise, we have the adaptive buttons. These appear to be individual wireless buttons, but with the ability to be configured to perform different actions. In other words, users with any type of disability will be able to do whatever they want on their Windows computer. We’re talking about surfing the Internet, exploring files, and even gaming.

Additionally, the Adaptive Hub can be wirelessly paired with up to four Adaptive Buttons. This way, multiple connections can be made with fewer cables. On the other hand, these Microsoft adaptive accessories are not yet available for purchase through its website. It is therefore expected that they can be obtained in a very short time.

Reorganized Microsoft Tech Lab

To ensure the improvement of its inclusive products with accessible functions, the company also announced the new Microsoft Tech Lab, which was redesigned and named Microsoft Inclusive Tech Lab, after five years of operation. The Inclusive Tech Lab is now bigger, better equipped, and lets you discuss new ways to create designs and products with more inclusive functionality. Although several aspects still need to be highlighted, many will be grateful that Microsoft has chosen to cover the needs of all users. And it is that, thanks to assisted technology, Microsoft’s commitment to adaptive accessories is a very interesting proposition.

It should be remembered that in 2017 something similar was offered to Xbox users. However, given the flexibility it promises, it is arguably the most attractive proposition on the market to date.

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