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Microsoft mistakenly discloses all processors that Intel hasn’t introduced

As has happened at the time with other similar leaks, what Microsoft has done is put it all together and reveal what’s to come from Intel. Up to 22 processors from the Core 13 range will be able to allow the blue giant of the market to confirm what GIGABYTE also mistakenly advanced just 10 days ago. Is there any news about this? let’s see it listing of the CPUCore 13.

Well, actually there are, and it’s quite interesting because you can choose purchases towards certain models or others. Confirmation shows that previous leaks were on track so there will be models based on the Raptor Lake architecture, while some of the Core 13s we’ll see remain in Alder Lake.

Microsoft error reveals Raptor Lake processor list for Core 13


Well, it was due to the launch of Windows 11 22H2 where those in Redmond showed all the Intel boards, just like GIGABYTE did. The list shows unlocked K, F-series, T-series and of course the KF SKUs as well as processors that do not have suffixes.

We already know that the requirements of Windows 11 22H2 do not allow processors without TPM 2.0 and UEFI Secure Boot, so everything is limited from the Intel 8 series onwards with a few exceptions. The interesting thing here is to confirm that there are many models not shown that are real and not all of them are interesting from the point of view of performance, architecture and price.

The problem is that Microsoft hasn’t confirmed anything other than the names, there are no core frequencies or settings, power consumptions or cache levels, so the guesswork remains here, but in same time, the existence of the same clearly indicates that Intel will launch the so-called “refritos” in the market.

Five Alder Lake Core 13 processors and two in doubt

Core 13 processor listed Raptor Lake Alder Lake

Of the 22 processors seen, only 8 will be Alder Lake with a C0 pitch, while two are unclear if they will ultimately be Raptor Lake or Alder Lake and that is why they are marked with a B0 or ​​C0 pitch. The processors least interested in buying due to what has been said about the architecture are:

  • i5-13600.
  • i5-13600T
  • i5-13500
  • i5-13500T
  • i5-13400T
  • i3-13100F
  • i3-13100
  • i3-13100T

The two at odds are the i5-13400F and i5-13400, who have been on the edge since the progressive leaks came out no less than two months ago. It seems that Intel is taking advantage of part of the Alder Lake development and skins to create dies with a smaller total area and thus make them more economically profitable.

They are not pure Alder Lake chips as such, as the increase in L2 cache only occurs in Raptor Lake. Instead, both have the same number of cores and the same L3 and that’s why we see the same numbers in the table as such. The question now arises from the point of view of prices. How much will all of the cheaper Core 13-series Alder Lake processors cost?

Keep in mind that they will compete with Zen 4 at low range and with lower L2. Will that be enough? The price will dictate the worth.

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