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Microsoft has filed a patent that would replace a physical game with a digital game

microsoft filed a patent that would help gamers with Xbox games can access a digital copy of their games demonstrating that they own a physical copy. The claim, discovered now, was originally filed in November 2020, the same month the company launched its Xbox Series X|S consoles, recalling that the Xbox Series S does not have an optical drivethus limiting themselves to digital content, to which is added that the patent details that they seek the “Validation of software ownership of optical discs using [un] secondary device“.

In essence, this could be summarized as the user has to put a game’s physical disc into a device, we assume that in an old Xbox console with a playback unit or a PC (in case you have an Xbox Series S ), which helps the user validate the copy and receive in return a digital version of the game that you could run on your latest console.

Microsoft’s suggestions for how this might work include both devices being bound to the same network or being bound by the same user account. Once validated, the second device could download the game (presumably from the Xbox Store). There appears to be no indication as to whether users would still have access to the digital version if they later sold the disc.

Microsoft patents physical to digital Xbox games

In explaining the rationale for this system, Microsoft described a situation where a previous-generation console owner purchases a next-generation device without an optical disc drive, such as the Xbox Series S, so can’t play physical games you own requiring you to purchase a digital version if you wish to replay them.

Microsoft considered this scenario”undesirable for several reasons“, noting that the games represent”a significant financial investment“for the people and”it can be difficult for some people to justify buying back a video game they already own and have already played or completed“. As with all patents, all examples given are hypothetical and it is impossible to know if anything will come of them, but it is clear that the future will only be digital, and we have a clear example on PCand is that most PC gamers have gone years without buying a physical version game, let alone having, their systems will also not have a reading unit.

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