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Metro writer is wanted by Russia over his anti-war stance

Russia keeps surprising us every day and with this latest news it is already making us unpredictable. Dmitri Glukhovsky, the writer from the saga of Metro novels and video games such as Subway exodus, is on Russia’s wanted list. The cause would be opposition wing war and his anti-war stance, something that should be considered normal.

The Metro saga is well known to all of us, especially in the world of video games with Metro 2033, Metro Last Light and Subway exodus. Both are excellent first-person shooters, taking us into a world post-apocalyptic, where almost the entire population survives in underground metro stations. However, perhaps many of us do not know his Author, Dmitry Glukhovsky.

Telegram message where Russia accuses the writer of Metro Exodus

Screenwriter Metro Exodus Russia

It all started with a Telegram message, where Dmitry explained how he had just been accused of discredit to the Russian Armed Forces in an Instagram post. For this, it was used the section 207.3, part 2 to rush against the writer. This is based on the idea that anyone who develops “fake news” or demystifications on the Russian navy, he will enter as a state criminal.

In the case of the author of Metro, we find the second case, because according to Russia, he decreased the reputation of his army. To this, he ends his message by reinforcing his ideals, showing himself against the war against Ukraine. However, it seems that this is not the first time that Dmitry has found himself in a similar situation.

And it is that, according to the Russian BBC, the writer was stopped in absentia on May 13, 2022. Unlike other writers like Andrzej Sapkowsky, author of the witcherDmitry worked directly with the studio 4A games in the 3 games of the saga. With the start of the war, you would think 4A Games would be in trouble, but luckily, fled ukraine in 2014.

Dmitry worked with 4A Games where his novel was turned into a video game

Games Metro Exodus 4A Russia

4A Games studio left Ukraine once the first war conflicts started in the Donbass. Now located in maltare developing a new Metro game which was announced in August 2019. This studio was later bought by Embracer Group, where in 2020 they paid $36 millionas well as 35 million more over a period of 5 years.

After that, 4A Games ends up being part of the division Interactive Saberthat will help the studio create an experience multiplayer set in the world of Metro. It is not known if in this future the writer will continue to contribute to the saga or if he will have finally been captured by the Russian army.

What we do know is that thanks to him, we were able to enjoy a bizarre post-apocalyptic world full of monsters and decadent settings. A survival horror, with a decor that reminds us of the mythical stalkerbut unlike these, it is located underground.

In the, we survive using stealth, deciding to trust the underground, and preparing to see the light of day again. And it is here, when we leave, that we have to look for provisions to last another day.

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