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Meta sues company for stealing 350,000 Instagram profiles

When we create an account on Instagram, we are asked for our cell phone, date of birth and personal information. Moreover, we can choose link instagram account with our Facebook to “connect” with our friends. Now there are web pages that are a clone of instagram and collect our data there, as is the case with octopuswho received a request from Objective.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has filed a lawsuit to fight a case of web scraping. By this term we mean the function of extract information of one the Web, in this case Instagram, to later create a clone of it. So a company called Octopus and a person called Ekrem Ates. According to Meta, the first is a company technological chinese multinational which offers data mining services for individuals and other businesses.

Octopus sells software that steals Instagram and Facebook profile data

Octopus Instagram Stealing Facebook Data

The defendant company also offers its services by selling its proprietary software to obtain data from social networks, which can end up with Instagram clone websites. This program allows you to obtain telephone numbers, dates of birth, E-mail and other sensitive information of those affected. In fact, it extracts personal information from all your friends of Facebook and Instagram when you connect your account to the Octopus client.

“Companies like Octopus are part of an emerging scraping industry that offers automation services to any client, no matter who they are targeting and for what purpose,” Meta said. “This industry puts the scraping available to people and businesses that otherwise would not have the capabilities.

Given this, Meta alleges that the company violated its terms of service and Digital Age Copyright Law, offering this service and avoiding detection. In addition, this action compromises the Security Instagram and Facebook accounts, invading the privacy of those affected.

Profiles and their data are published on Instagram clone pages

Web Pages Clone Instagram Barinsta

Apparently, the accused, Ekrem Ateş, has been in Meta’s sights since 2021. Already at the beginning of last year, the company took several measures against Ekrem, in particular by sending him a cease and desist letter and a revocation of access to your services. It wouldn’t be the first time Meta has taken legal action over cases like this, as in 2020 he sued a citizen. Turkish I had scanned over 100,000 Instagram profiles. he had to pay $200,000 and was banned from Instagram and Facebook.

Now the news case is on a bigger scale as they claim that Ekrem gathered information from more than 350,000 users from Instagram. It operated under the name “MyStalk” and used automation software that used thousands of automated accounts from Instagram. These were falsely identified as legitimate users logged into the mobile app or the official website. Thus, it should be noted that the affected profiles had not been configured as private and be public it was easy to get your information.

Now this stolen data of 350,000 Instagram profiles has been released on clone websites. Thus, he was able to disseminate the information on sites posing as official and allowing view instagram profiles without him consent of people. To avoid such situations, Instagram takes a series of measures to protect your data:

  • Regularly check your Privacy settings to make sure it matches your current preferences.
  • Check out our tips on how to protect your Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • Use our privacy check feature to be guided through your privacy settings and Securityincluding who can see what you share and how they can find you on Facebook.

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