GoalFacebook’s parent company, revealed that it hopes to take a commission of almost 50% of all purchases of digital assets to do in their metaverse.

Interestingly, this announcement comes months after the company complained Apple’s abusive practicescompany that takes commission up to 30% of all purchases made through your App Store.

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Although Meta declined to specify the percentage that would be charged for these purchases, a spokesperson for the company told CNBC that it would be 47.5% commission, including a 30% hardware fee and a 17.5% platform fee. What is curious about all this is that they even say that this percentage is “pretty competitive”.

“A Meta spokesperson confirmed to CNBC on Wednesday that the company will take an aggregate percentage of up to 47.5% of each transaction. This includes a 30% “hardware platform fee” for sales made through the store. Meta Quest, where he sells apps and games for his VR headset. Additionally, Horizon Worlds will charge a 17.5% commission.”

“We think that’s a pretty competitive rate in the market,” Vivek Sharma, vice president of Meta Horizon, told The Verge: “We think other platforms can have their share.” (Nevertheless, Meta has repeatedly dismissed Apple’s 30% subscription fee as too aggressive for the iPhone ecosystem and intentionally lowered its rate on mobile for some in-app purchases.)