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Manufacturers enter recession and reduce motherboard shipments

An apocalyptic afternoon to say the least, the one we are experiencing today, mainly because of the problems that the United States, China and Taiwan are going to face now, we must talk about how the manufacturersespecially those that sell a lot motherboards. And it is that three of the largest have signaled that they are going to undertake a dramatic reduction in shipments of this key component, since they are in full recession of orders.

The pandemic as such is over in half the world, teleworking is over for the vast majority of workers, mobility is regaining its rights after the chaos after the confinement and as expected the numbers are returning to normal and getting worse due to the global situation we Direct. What happens then?

Motherboard makers fall into continued recession


What is happening to us is very big, perhaps worse than the 2008 crisis and the only solution that the EDF and ECB is to raise interest rates and stop buying the public debt of member countries and the United States. This is why those who are aware of the world situation have already taken their money out of their investments, whatever they are, and they have it in good condition. I collect other safer values ​​but what no one can stop and guarantee are the shipments and these are dropping at a very worrying rate by the manufacturers.

If there is no money in circulation, if financing is going to be more expensive, nobody will buy with galloping inflation and that is why manufacturers have mobilized in this area. Supply chain advises and three manufacturers offered very enlightening and disturbing dataat least.

First, ASUS, which said it would send 18 million motherboards in 2022 ensuring a similar volume to that of 2021, but this target in the first quarter of the year has been reduced considerably to 15.5 million. Early last month the numbers fell again and are currently at an estimated point between 14 and 14.5 million units. In other words, if nothing improves, your sends will drop by at least one 25% and be optimistic.

GIGABYTE and ASRock are also down and the worst is to be feared

Motherboard - ASRock

Two of the top manufacturers are following a similar path to the almighty ASUS. GIGABYTE has claimed that it will reach 13 million units shipped and has already reduced this value to no less than 9.5 millionbut could end the year below 30% of what was estimated at the start of the year.

ASRock does not provide much better numbers, since 6 million in 2021 already go for a number of shipments of 4 million units by 2022. There’s only one thing that can partially save this low data and shows that manufacturers are in a recession with their motherboards: graphics cards from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA.

According to industry reports, this is the only argument that can change the future of these three manufacturers and the rest, since they already have the sales that the Core 13 and Ryzen 7000 in these numbers. The problem will apparently be 2023, where the West and surely the East will be hit by a new economic crisisso there will be a lucky few who can get their hands on new hardware from previous years.

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