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MacBook Pro (Apple M2) faster than a more expensive $4,880 Mac Pro

After efficient filtration of the Apple M2 on Geekbench 5now a curious circumstance has arisen, and that is that the new Macbook Pro 13 inches, which integrates this SoC with a starting price of €1,619is faster than the most basic version of the Mac Pro, a powered desktop computer, in its basic version, with a Intel Xeon W of 8 cores at a price no less than €6,499.

2022 MacBook Pro (Apple M2) vs. Mac Pro

Without going any further, in multi-core performance, the notebook is capable of reaching the 8928 dotswhile the 8-core Intel Xeon W remains in the 8027 dots. In addition, to upgrade the laptop, you have to choose the 12-core Intel Xeon W (11,919 points), but of course this already means increasing the price of the desktop by 1,150 euros, so we are talking about 7,649 euros, being thus, the price difference between the two systems of €6,030.

The desktop’s only advantage is at the graphics level with the AMD Radeon Pro W5500X, but it’s more than obvious that the company’s desktop lineup needs a quick lift, and it could come with a future Apple M2 Pro and Ultra. Of course, the advantages to consider in the Mac Pro, in addition to the GPU, is that you can pay 500 euros for some steel wheels stainless steel to improve its portability, and of course it will work much better the operating system of the Windows because it uses an intel processor [/modo irónico desactivado].

Of course, it remains to be seen whether future Apple processors will be able to become independent from AMD. at the graphic levelalthough some rumors that have reached us even indicate that could look to future Intel graphics. If the information strengthens in the coming weeks, we will talk about it in a separate news item.

via: Macrumor

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