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Loot boxes will be prohibited for minors in Spain

A few months ago, we became aware of the strategy of Alberto Garzon (Minister of Consumer Affairs) and the Spanish government around loot boxes. In this, it was announced that they would be regulated to avoid dangerous gambling in such a vulnerable sector as young people. Now a further step has been taken and that is that video games with loot boxes they will ask IDENTIFIER know the age, prohibition So access to minors for your purchase.

Spain is thus taking extreme measures around loot boxes or “loot boxes“, very common in mobile games and increasingly on PC and consoles. This is because they promote the “gamblingor the game Random payment, as if it were a casino. By buying them you can receive a prize, win or lose, although, as in casinos, there is a high chance of spending money and losing. This luck and mystery of seeing what can come out has generated many cases of gambling addiction, where youth are considered the largest population vulnerable.

The DNI will be necessary to certify your age: if you are a minor you will not be able to buy loot boxes

Loot Box Games with ID Required

Thus, as a defense measure for minors, a prohibition access to the purchase of loot boxes and any exchange platform involving Payment with virtual currency or real. East plan law began today, Friday, the public hearing process, which will remain open until July 23.

For this reason, an evaluation process is always necessary, where ideas and changes can be made to the standard itself, which will go to Council of Ministers. This will sign the approval and be treated as project of right. Your target will be the random reward mechanics (SEA), i.e. any method of payment for receiving an object, therefore including cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, not only minors are regulated by this loot box law, since those over 18 could undergo changes that limit their bills. It’s not yet a reality, but they could exist limits that regulate play time and money spent on a video game. In addition, there would be a system of Self-exclusion for players suffering from addiction and block their access. Finally, he is required to provide the real odds to get a price.

Physical and online advertising is prohibited with fines of up to 3 million euros

MAR Loot Boxes Advertising Fines

Here they have further tightened the measures, prohibition the The advertisement physical, such as billboards, and online advertising, such as social networks that have nothing to do with video games. As for radio and television, they will only be authorized in the interval between one and five o’clock in the morning.

We understand from the context, that it refers to the ban on advertising around loot boxes and MAR, being also a severe regulation. Moreover, when we look at the sums of the fineswhere the benign involve a payment of up to €25,000 and the penalties seriousbetween 25,000 and €200,000.

In case it sounds little, the offense very serious will mean paying between 200,000 euros and 3 million euros. In addition, they can even close the medium on which said advertisement was transmitted, so as not to have fun. And that’s it, Garzón is betting everything to put an end to the compulsive and impulsive transactions of video games and thus, avoid creating more children’s games.

And it is that the data are quite worrying, since according to a study by the Cyberpsychology Group of the LINKthe 29% of the minors The Spaniards bought loot boxes over the past twelve months. Among these, the 91% he did so with the consent of his family by requiring a physical form of payment. According to another study, the 20.2% minors bought between 1 and 5 boxes booty to month and the 5.5% spent more than 100 euros to month.

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