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LIAN LI 2022 Digital Expo 2.0 Shows Us Case and AIO Prototypes

Just a few minutes ago, LIAN LI showcased its latest prototypes and products in its Digital Expo 2.0. These were revealed in two YouTube videos where they feature a total of 3 frames, 4 fans Yes 1 AIO liquid cooling. We will therefore proceed to see them all and detail their peculiarities and characteristics, taking into account, yes, that no release date is known.

LIAN LI, a well-known manufacturer of aluminum PC chassis, liquid cooling, fans and accessories, among others; just released his LIAN LI 2022 Digital Exhibition 2.0. In this event, he showed us prototypes of 3 PC cases: Lancool 216, DAN A3 m-ATX cases and O11D EVO XL.

LIAN LI 2022 Digital Expo 2.0, the Chinese brand pulls out all the stops in the world

In addition, they present 4 fans: UNI FAN SL120 V2, SL 140 V2, AL120 V2 and AL140, as well as an update of the UNI FAN P28. Finally, it shows what its future 360mm liquid AIO would be with a 100% LIAN LI design.

LANCOOL 216, a Mid Tower ATX case with excellent cooling

LIAN LI Lancool 216 Mid-Tower ATX 360MM

We start with the first of all cases, this one being a mid-tower, but with excellent cooling both air and liquid. To do this, the area where we insert the I/O shield of our motherboard can be rotated 180 degrees, being able to choose between two modes. The first of them will allow you to put the motherboard higher and thus have more space to install larger air coolers or GPUs in vertical format.

On the other hand, if we turn it to the lower position, it will be possible to install a uniform cooling liquid of 360mm with thicker radiators. Another of its advantages will be an accessory that will allow the installation of a fan of 120mm externalwhich will be responsible for expelling the hot air that comes out of the GPUs. Lastly, it comes with a cover on top of the case to prevent any loss of air pressure.

DAN Cases A3 m-ATX: 4-slot GPU support, 360mm AIO and ATX source in <20 liters

LIAN LI DAN A3 m-ATX 4 GPU Slots 20L Cases

The latest collaboration between DAN Cases and LIAN LI has created this space maximizing chassis. After his success LIAN LI A4-H2O of 11 litershis older sister arrives DAN A3 m-ATX cases with less than 20 liters. This chassis prototype promises to delight all those who wish to have a PC in small format, Without sacrificing in refrigeration. Therefore, it supports liquid cooling of 360mmcooling by air until 158mmpower supplies special effects Yes ATX Yes GPUss of 4 pitches until 380mm.

DAN Cases A3 m-ATX LIAN LI Digital Exhibition 2022

Plus, its reversible frame lets you change the orientation between left and right, and the mesh side panels can be swapped out. heat-tempered glass. Finally, mention that it allows you to install 2 SSDss of 2.5″ and is made in aluminum 1.5 mm thick on the outside and 1.2 mm steel on the inside, as well as a base which emits light ARGB.

O11D EVO XL, case with a reversible and modular design: up to 3 radiators of 420 mm

LIAN LI O11D EVO XL 420MM Liquid Modular

The O11D EVO XL is an improvement on the O11D EVO common, with a reversible design and modular panels that give greater flexibility. Its rear panel allows positioning the motherboard and the rest of the PCI slots like those of the GPU in a total of 3 positions different. With this it is possible to place the GPU in a vertical position or in extreme liquid cooling setups like using 3 liquid of 420mm.

In addition, it offers plate compatibility E-ATX Yes ease cute couple assembly being able to extract the back and the side in one piece.

UNI FAN SL120 V2, SL 140 V2, AL 120 V2, AL 140 V2: 28 mm thick fans


The new fans of the UNI FAN SL and AL range of LIAN LI, will come with sizes of 120 and 140 mm with lighting RGB. Moreover, the SL 120 V2 and the AL 120 V2 They will have a thickness of 28mm, a little more than the norm. With this they get a greater Pressure Yes air flow at a level of noise similar to its predecessor. On the other hand, the UNI FAN AL 120 V2 and 140 V2 are updated with strips of RGB in the corners, thus giving a subtle and elegant touch without exaggerating the lighting.



They have announced an update to the UNI FAN P28, which will come in two different editions: one suitable for air flow and one for one superior performance. The P28 SILENCER It will be a PWM fan 120mm who will reach 1900RPM giving 27.5dBA, 3.04mmH2O Yes 59.97CFM. On the other hand, the P28 PERFORMANCE will also be PWM for 120mmwith the difference that it will reach 2300RPM with 33dBA, 3.86mmH2O Yes 71.27CFM.

Finally, LIAN LI presents a fully original 360mm all-in-one from the company

Custom LIAN LI AIO 360MM Water Block

LIAN LI thus shows its future AIO of 360mm long, 130mm wide and 32mm thick. This features a design built from the ground up by the company and is paired with fans from 28mm for great performance. In addition, it allows the customization of the water block, being able to change the lighting style or its design with covers and interesting effects.

And so far the LIAN LI 2022 Digital Exhibition 2.0with a series of products that are sure to be the talk of the town this year and part of the next.

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