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Leviathan, new update that will allow you to recruit leviathans

hello games keep adding free content to No Man’s Skyand today it was announced Leviathanwhich in short, adds space whales, community goals, a new narrative, Roguelike mechanics, or that our ship leaves a mark in space in the form of temporal disturbances in its wake.

As indicated, the Leviathan can be recruited as an organic addition to the frigate fleet of our capital ship. The traveler game, a card game, the Leviathan expedition and many fixes have also been added.

No Man's Sky

Hello everyone!

It has been very exciting to see players enjoying our latest major update, OUTLAWS. Whether it’s hunting pirates for lucrative rewards, becoming an intergalactic smuggler, searching for the treasure of The Blight on the latest expedition, or simply exploring space in style, it’s been a joy to have you see them all take flight.

Today we are very excited to bring you the latest No Man’s Sky Leviathan Expedition. Our goal is to give each Expedition a unique character and playstyle, but we think Leviathan is uniquely different. As players explore the loop, they collect Memory Fragments, the lost remnants of previous loops. These manifest as procedurally generated technology, which means that each restart of the cycle can play out very differently.

Faced with such difficulty, players around the world can collaborate with each other to even the odds. In addition to their personal efforts to break the cycle, travelers can assist the polo specialist as they investigate particular manifestations of the cycle. The more travelers that participate in the research, the stronger the memory fragments become, manifesting in better upgrades, more inventory space, and more powerful multi-tools and starships.

expedition story

As players search for a way to undo the curse of the time loop, they will find a story-driven adventure at the heart of the expedition. Follow the trail of your previous iterations, soak up memories, explore significant sites, and work together to escape the curse of the loop.

All shattered memories point to an encounter with an ancient space creature, the Leviathan, but will the Travelers manage to reshape history or are they doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past?

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