Today we came across the leak of the Intel V1 socket (LGA1851) which will be used by the next generation of CPUs Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake. It’s true, they haven’t arrived yet. raptor lake and we already have the next take leaked, revealing that the supposed take LGA2551 It will not come in the future to give life to these processors, so its use will be linked to another type of product far from the desktop computer market.

Intel Meteor Lake and LGA1851 socket backward compatibility with Alder Lake and Raptor Lake heatsinks

In this way, the LGA1851 socket has dimensions of 45×37.5mmit is therefore identical to the current LGA1700 socket used in Intel Alder Lake and future Raptor Lake processors, which should guarantee backward compatibility with cooling systems as happened with the AM5 socket, which saves a bit of budget in case we want to make the jump to a more modern platform.

Intel Socket V1 (LGA1851) for Meteor Lake

According to the slide, the only dimensions that have changed are those of the height of the IHS (integrated heat sink). Concretely, we went from 6.73-7.4 mm to 6.83-7.49. However, this is not a very relevant change, but if there is backwards compatibility of cooling systems, it is expected that companies will announce the shipment of new mounting brackets at no cost to account for the change in height when fixing the refrigeration.

The fact that the Intel Meteor Lake processor is slightly superior is because it will release the new Forevos packaging designwhich involves the vertical stacking of certain chips and the end of monolithic design chips by adding different types of chips in a single package.

CPU Alder Lake raptor lake meteor lake Arrow Lake
Launch Q4 2021 Q4 2022 Q4 2023 2H 2024
Lithography Intel 7 Intel 7 Intel 4 Intel 20A
P-Core Architecture Golden Cove raptor cove redwood cove lion’s cove
E-Core Architecture Gracemont Gracemont Crestmont Skymont
Max processor cores. 16 (8c+8c) 24 (8c+16c) 24 (8c+16c) 40 (8c+32c)
GPU Cores Max. 96 EU 96 EU N / A 320 EU
Socket LGA1700 LGA1700 LGA1851 LGA1851
Memory DDR4/DDR5-4800 DDR4/DDR5-5600 DDR5 N / A
PCIe gene PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0 N / A
Intel Core Series 12th Generation Core 13th Generation Core 14th Generation Core 15th Generation Core

via: benchlife