kingston announced the launch of its new RAM memories FURY Beast RGB DDR5 which arrive in four variants with speeds of 4800, 5200, 5600 and 6000MHz with latencies LC38 and LC40they are therefore a little behind the rest of the markets which are already beginning to offer models with high frequencies and much lower latencies (CL30).

Added to this is always eye-catching RGB LED lighting via Kingston’s patented FURY Infrared Sync technology, a passive cooling systemand the ability to choose configurations of 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB capacity. Don’t expect to know the pricing details.

Kingston FURY Beast RGB DDR5

Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 RGB memory is the perfect solution for customizing the look of the latest generation DDR5 systems. Intel XMP 3.0 ready and certified, and qualified by the world’s leading motherboard manufacturers, Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 RGB allows users to build a PC with confidence. With Kingston FURY CTRL2 software, users can choose from a library of preset patterns and effects. Alternatively, users can customize smooth and dynamic RGB effects to make their system completely unique. All Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 RGB modules feature patented Kingston FURY Infrared Sync technology, which keeps lighting effects in perfect sync.

“We are excited to add FURY Beast DDR5 RGB memory to our memory lineup,” said Iwona Zalewska, Kingston EMEA DRAM Business Manager.

“Now those who want the power of DDR5 plus the fun of RGB can enjoy both. Plus, with the personal touch of custom lighting effects, users can truly take control of the entire gaming experience. Game.”