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Keyboard with membrane buttons and lots of RGB

Razer announced the launch of a new keyboard focused on gamers, we are talking about the Ornament V3which is distinguished by the use of low-profile keys and a thickness of 4.4mm keys, the overall thickness of the keyboard is only 27 mm.

Under the keys we fall on the buttons Razer Mecha-Membranesisi.e. push buttons mecamembranous seeking to combine the faculties a mechanical keyboardthe typing feel it offers, with virtually no typing noise on a regular keyboard with membrane push buttons.

“With a more compact and modern design, the Ornata V3 features Razer’s Mecha-Membrane Switches, which combine the best of mechanical and membrane switch technology. These switches provide a soft, cushioned feel for excellent comfort during gaming sessions, as well as a crisp touch for more satisfying clicks.

Razer Ornata V3

All keys have a UV coating which promises to increase their durability against wear and scratches, dedicated media buttons are included above the numeric keypad, a generous wrist rest very easy to place thanks to a system of magnets, couldn’t miss a ton of RGB lighting. Of course it’s not by key, but we have up to 10 lighting zones, and provides liquid splash protection. Its price is not very affordable to say: €99.99.

If you are out of budget, you have the Razer Ornata V3Xwho is a more basic version of the model you just saw, since for example it says goodbye to the multimedia keys (volume up/down, mute and a customizable button), you will only be able to choose a single color to illuminate all the keys. Everything else is maintained, and curiously its price drops to €49.99, so we could say that its little brother is worth 50 euros more for offering only 4 multimedia keys and an RGB lighting system of up to 10 zones. Seen from this angle, it is even more expensive than it seemed at first glance.

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