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Kailh low profile mechanical keys

shark announced the launch of its new Sharkoon mechanical keyboard PureWriterRGBwhich is notable for using low profile push buttons, and for having a variant called PureWriter TKL RGBthat as you can imagine TKLwe’re talking about dispensing with the number pad to offer a more compact size.

We thus find mechanical push buttons Red Kail low profile at just 6.2mm high with a 1.5mm actuation point (Kailh Blue also available), with a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes, mounted on a metal frame for durability, and not It could be missing that all the buttons are seasoned with a system of RGB LED lighting.

Sharkoon PureWriter TKL RGB

“The PureWriter RGB is a keyboard for all occasions: gamers will enjoy continuously adjustable RGB lighting as well as essential gaming features. The PureWriter TKL RGB is an ultra-compact keyboard without a number block that has been designed for a variety of uses and a high degree of mobility.Prolific writers, on the other hand, will appreciate its elegant and simple design, its compact dimensions and, above all, the excellent feel of its ultra-flat keys.

In addition, the keyboard is particularly light to transport and includes two detachable cables of different lengths, which makes it ideal for transporting it wherever you want. For maximum ease of use, all functions of the PureWriter TKL RGB can be used without having to download any software.

The PureWriter TKL RGB is equipped with ultra-flat keys of only 6.2 mm in height for ergonomic use of the keyboard. IKailh Red Switches the integrated actuators respond optimally, providing a millisecond advantage in tense gaming situations thanks to the short distance of just 1.5mm at the point of actuation. Completely lacking in responsiveness, gamers can seamlessly immerse themselves in the in-game action.

the innovators kailh blue switches They feature a short actuation point of 1.5mm and provide a detectable click and actuation point for fatigue-free work with a pleasantly typewriter-like feel. The low profile keyboard provides ergonomic support for your wrists and hands without the need for a wrist rest.

The Sharkoon PureWriter RGB is on sale at the recommended price of €84.90both available in black and white, while the TKL version is priced at €74.90.

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